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Fresh Beats w/ Ricky Ryan & Shlomi B

Fresh Beats w/ Ricky RyanIt seems like forever since we offered an exclusive to the bringthebeats crew. Thanks to everyone who’s remained tuned into what we do on Facebook and Twitter and have continued to check in here with the faith we’d provide another mix made with all of you in mind.

After such a long break we figure there’s no better way to resume Fresh Beats than with two of the freshest of all, Ricky Ryan and Shlomi B.

Even though our club nights are fewer and farther between, the availability of great tunes sure hasn’t diminished. Progressive house continues to evolve, and maybe sounds better today than ever before. The constant flow of incredible tunes coming from Ricky is excellent proof.

I’m amazed how month after month he puts together press worthy compilations and of course the selections we heard from Ricky at the MOB Festival were absolutely mind bending. It’s a testament to the passion and skill of the producers creating this audio gold because let’s face it; they can’t be making a lot of money from the studio or booth these days.  Just like Ricky’s motto, it’s all made strictly for the love, and that’s amazing for you and me.

Hope you enjoy my new mix broadcasted xclusively on bringthebeats. From deep n’ gentle beats to bright n’ funky anthems, a mix of fruity loops from the Caribbean republic of Samana! – ricky ryan

Fresh Beats w/ Shlomi BMusic that’s made to be heard, not to earn, comes from the heart. These grooves are pure and organic, unlike the synthetic stuff produced with only fame on the brain.  Shlomi B is a guy who definitely follows Ricky’s motto.  This mix was sent to us with no time frame to be released, no expectations on how we’d put it out there or if we would at all.  He just said he made it special for us, do what you’d like with it. That’s strictly for the love.

Shlomi delves into some classic house vibes within a deep, soulful tech-house groove.  The pace is perfect from the first track to the last. It’s an ideal mix to have bringthebeats’ name on it and we’re incredibly appreciative it does.


Fresh Beats w/ Shlomi B

I set myself up for disappointment in so many ways. I’m the type of guy who’ll forever gravitate toward the underdog. I’ve always thought David was so much cooler than Goliath. In music, in sports and pretty much everything else in life, I’m on the side of the little guy every time.

To me, it’s not whether you win or lose; it’s definitely how you play the game. When it comes to the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll, there are so many dudes that have no clue what this means. It blows my mind to read that people have been caught stuffing the ballot… several times!! I totally understand money can be generated by making this list, but is it worth the minimal wealth to compromise your integrity AND legitimacy?

Not as drastic, but definitely just as cheesy are the relentless “Vote for me!” messages that litter our email this time every year. I’m totally cool with a DJ sending out a reminder that the poll is open, but a campaign style attack on the inbox is incredibly weak in my opinion. And for DJ Mag to make a “Vote for me!” downloadable kit just confirms how far this scene has slipped pass me over the years.

I’m gonna stick to listening to the underdogs of the underground no matter who makes the list. DJs like Shlomi B are the kind of artists I’ll support until the end of my time. He’s the type of person who sends music our way just to have it heard and for the love of putting it all together. There are no strings attached when listening to these beats and that’s just one of things I like most about guys like Shlomi. His mix will explain the rest.

Cool choons from Shlomi B & Rodri Vacis

When my life is running around in circles; when work is insane, parties are firing up, family, friends… responsibility… blah, blah, blah… I just never get enough time to get these btb Beats posts up. Because the great beats keep coming and thanks to all these cool cats sending them our way, the music continues to be there to escort me through the nutty times.

I especially love it when we have the chance to debut artists on the site; when a random email becomes hours of head bopping and a burnt CD. The two diamonds we have going down here have provided much of the fun for the month and finally I’ve found a minute to share the goods.

Shlomi B was born in Jerusalem, Israel. He’s 28 years old and for the last five years has been living in Queens, New York. He’s not been playing in the big city much (got married +1) but every two months he returns home for his residency night at the Gotham Club in Jerusalem where`s he spun alongside the likes of the Flash Brothers, Rollo, Guy Gerber and Shlomi Aber.

It sounds like our interest in his choons might motivate him to get into the game in NYC and if he continues to put out cool promos like the one we have here, the Big Apple is in for a treat with Shlomi in the hood.

Download (left-click and unzip):
DJ Shlomi B – Promo Mix – April 2009

Often I slip back into my Happy Place on the Lokitas dance floor in Cordoba, Argentina in November 2006. Though the next night at Pacha in Buenos Aries was a massive party never to be forgotten, the Lokitas night possessed a magical vibe that embedded the feeling that remains at the core of my judgment on what a truly great party is supposed to be all about.

Opening for Luke at that event was Rodrigo Vacis. Buddy was locked into this deep, sexy down-tempo groove that allowed Luke to step up and take over exactly where he wanted to and had the 800 plus on the packed dance floor properly incubating the room. Total pro, incredibly wicked dude; I`m so pumped he`s still got it going on and that we have something to share with the crew.

Download (left-click and unzip):
Rodri Vacis – Last Summer (Smells Like Sunny)