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Lucas Abadi – bringthebeats Facebook Fan Page exclusive

Lucas Abadi – bringthebeats Facebook Fan Page exclusiveHas the internet space ever evolved since we went online in 2002? I remember slaving away with straight up html in the early years. Man what a pain in the arse!!

Now that our dot com resides within the WordPress world, creating and publishing has never been easier. With Facebook, sharing content has never been more effective either. Facebook has always been where it’s at for bringthebeats, and with the site’s recent improvements, Zuckerberg and his crew have allowed us to take our promotions to an entirely new level.

Head over to our new Facebook Fan Page and become a Fan right now! With its new profile-like structure, we can provide all the freshest beats right to your personal stream.  It’ll change your musical life.  We promise.

Someone we’re a HUGE fan of, Lucas Abadihas provided an incredibly smooth and stylish promo to help commemorate the launch of this new branch of the bringthebeats movement. As you know, we’re absolutely infatuated with Lucas’ music. He seems to hand pick all of the tracks for his compilations with only our tastes in mind. This sensational set is no exception.

Lucas Abadi exclusive for bringthebeats

Lucas AbadiAnd then there were three. Another absolutely fantastic mix has been dedicated to the new bringthebeats, and go figure it’s from another Lucas… Lucas Abadi!!

As with Luke Morrison and Luke Fair, Lucas has littered us with fantastic funky house sets throughout the years. And exactly like our Canadian Luke’s, this Argentinean is one of the coolest cats we’ve met in the business. This mix came our way at the beginning of our WMC trip and was blazed in our condo over and over and over again.

We felt guilty for not getting to the promos that were handed to us in Miami immediately, but we just couldn’t get enough of this fine, fine 70 minutes. I distinctively remember moments where both Luke Fair and I cut off conversations in mid sentence to point out sickening portions that needed instant attention. I guarantee you will do the same.

Download (left-click and unzip):
Lucas Abadi – bringthebeats – March 2008

Lucas Abadi – August & September 2006 Promos

Lucas Abadi

If you’re solely basing your club nights and downloads on DJs in the ‘infamous’ Top 100 – you’re doing your ears a serious injustice. The most impressive music is definitely coming from the up-and-coming talents of the world and it is so worth it to search these dudes out.

In 11 days we’re traveling to Argentina because a lot of these fresh DJs we ‘rave’ about live there. One of the ‘sensational’ South Americans is Lucas Abadi, a guy we approached online purely because of his great taste for quality funky House. When we realized he could mix tracks with the best of the best – and that he played better tracks than most of all the rest – he quickly became one of our favorite DJs and personalities in the scene.

Lucas is really starting to break through. He’s traveling throughout his continent on a regular basis and he’s steadily catching on worldwide, proof being his recent interview with Australia’s And further proof is us… we totally love this guy and feel it’s a must that we share his beats with the crew.

Download (left-click and unzip):
Lucas Abadi – ITM FM – September 2006
Lucas Abadi – Promo Mix – August 2006