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Listed presents JORIS VOORN at the Balance Party – WMC 2010

Time is never on my side… growing up totally sucks! Between my job, the all encompassing move from Club 1000 and the everlasting battle between my brain and the size of my belly, I just don’t get the chance to search out Fresh Beats as much anymore. Geezus, it’s gotten to the point where I’m drafting most of these posts on the phone in transit.

Thank karma for the push technology of SoundCloud and the amazing DJs that appreciate the site enough to send promos our way or we’d be stuck in music purgatory right now. It really is amazing that we can get incredible new tunes by simply logging into our inbox. We appreciate it sooooooo much.

This set came to us in just this way. Our main man from Tampa Bay, Steve Graham sent this gem of a live mix to my Facebook account and boy have we ever put it to great use ever since. It’s so good when you were actually on the dance floor when listening to a live promo because you can place yourself back in the vibe and truly feel it all again inside.

As we’ve written over and over again, Listed’s Balance party at the WMC was one of the best of the conference and this set from Joris Voorn stood out from just about everything we heard throughout the week. This was the day I knew without a doubt Joris was a world class talent. It was the second time I’d been on one of his dance floors and this gig was as good, but also very different from the one before.

At Footwork his tech was pumping and progressive, atop the Victor Hotel it was deep and bumpy. All of his selections have groove and soul no matter the pace and he is one of the few who can properly mix it up in any setting. Inside or out Joris Voorn is most impressive, and in my opinion, one of the not many who absolutely “gets it.”

This download is amazing in so many ways. It represents a lot of what I love about this music… and it’s not even in the realm of the style I dig most. It’s the purest example of quality live music I’ve heard in a long time, and I think you’ll agree no matter what you’re into.