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INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND v25 w/ Danny Howells

Danny Howells: Balance 024We modeled the INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND concept after the Big DJ Small Club parties of the Goldclub Series in the early 2000′s. At the time – in 2008 – we’d run our course inside big venues and were in search of a space that could recreate our after-party vibe. Toika Lounge became the place and five-plus years later; our dream of regularly hosting world-class DJs in a cozy room has become a reality.

Under the I&U banner alone, 2013 has seen the likes of Jody Wisternoff, Eelke Kleijn, Ricky Ryan, Luke Fair, Kosmas Epsilon, Henry Saiz and Desyn Masiello step inside the Toika booth. Ozmozis Productions has added stars such as Guy J, Quivver, Luis Junior and John 00 Fleming to this impressive list. Toika has arguably become Toronto’s premiere underground club, but that argument may be soon put to rest when the one-and-only Danny Howells touches down while on his Balance 024 album tour.

That’s right! DANNY HOWELLS will headline INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND v25 at Toika Lounge on Saturday December 14, 2013, alongside an incredibly excited Cesar Caballero. Reduced Advance* tickets are available at

*Includes a promo code worth $10 off the purchase of a Reduced Advance ticket for bringthebeats NEW YEAR’S EVE featuring RICKY RYAN, Cesar Caballero & Craig AndersonIt will be emailed to you within a few days of your I&U v25 ticket purchase.

Even though we believe every one of our bookings is equally special, we’d be fools not to acknowledge the enhanced importance of this event. Danny Howells is a certified mega star in our community and probably has no business spinning in a room Toika’s size, especially considering his insane popularity in Toronto for well over a decade.

INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND v25 w/ Danny HowellsNevertheless, he is and it’s thanks to all the DJs mentioned above, as well as their fans, who’ve helped bringthebeats, GROOVE GARDEN and Ozmozis put Toika on the worldwide map. The music-focused vibe we’ve created is second to none and it’s resonating throughout the scene. Across the board our little jams are in demand and that’s why we’ve been able to secure Danny Howells as he joins the prestigious Balance Series family.

In retrospect, it’s shocking Danny’s only now compiling a Balance.  The series has always been the most relevant to the underground and reflective of the rising music of the moment. An installment from a trend-setter like Danny Howells is a no-brainer.  He doesn’t only fit the mold, but he’s probably an influential figure to all of the 23 artists featured before him.

As emphasized in the Balance 024 release, Danny Howells has never given into commercial temptation; he’s always just been Danny.  An artist who’s  known to be the most in tune with the dance floor – for better or worse – and someone who pushes boundaries simply because he has such great taste.  The Humble Selector is exactly right; though we’ve yet to really meet Danny, everyone in house music knows this compilation couldn’t have been granted to a cooler, nicer guy.

The last time we loved Danny live was at his WMC Dig Deeper party at Bed, a relatively intimate setting when it comes to Miami clubs.  A year ago we heard him inside a large venue in Toronto and it wasn’t nearly the experience.  We view Danny a DJ who’s at his best when inspired, and after 11-plus years preparing to be who we are today, we believe our crew can provide the inspiration required for a magical ride from one of the greatest talents electronic music will ever know.  It’s now time for us to live up to our own hype.




INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND v24 w/ Luke Fair & Cesar Caballero

We’d say it’s hard to believe we’re still promoting the underground, but after a year as great as our 11th, it totally makes sense we are. The progressive style of DJing has made a serious comeback – and with people digging the groovy-melodic stuff more and more – bringthebeats has never been in a better position.  It would’ve been a travesty to have given up before now.

Luke Fair headlines the bringthebeats 11th anniversary party alongside Cesar Caballero at Toika Lounge on Saturday October 19th. Reduced advance tickets are available at

Cesar Caballero and his GROOVE GARDEN crew are without a doubt our inspiring force. His skills as a DJ / producer are ever improving and they were already phenomenal when we met at our 9th anniversary in 2011.  Cesar’s sensational graphics make our joint promotion look so pro and his kind heart and enthusiasm maintain a positive focus for us all. With Cesar as our No.1 resident, the sky’s the limit. Our 12th year is dedicated to achieving the worldwide recognition Cesar Caballero wholeheartedly deserves.

Of course the constant throughout our entire 11-year run is Luke Fair. After all these years Luke continues to sound fresh. He constantly evolves, while maintaining his signature funky sound. Each time he steps into a bringthebeats booth it’s incredibly special. It’ll be difficult to top any one of Luke’s previous eight Toika Lounge appearances, but we guarantee Mr. Consistency will show up and impress once again.

Whether you’ve been there from the beginning or just recently caught onto our groove, our most sincere appreciation to everyone who has supported us. Our goal has always been to create a movement. A community focused on the music, understanding “the party” is key to a memorable vibe.  Each event throughout the past year we’ve had a dance floor filled with people on board with this mission.  We feel privileged and grateful to finally make our dream a reality. Thanks again, because it wouldn’t be going down without you.

LUKE FAIR dj sets


INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND v22… Eelke Kleijn’s a pro

INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND v22 w/ Eelke Kleijn

Many in the music business are in it because they don’t want a real job. It’s frustrating to work with them. Then there are people like Eelke Kleijn who are professional to the max.  It’s always exciting to collaborate with guys like him.

It’s not easy selling our intimate concept and modest budgets to established artists. Bigger is better for so many in this industry, but it’s not that way for Eelke. He reaps the benefits of events both big and small.

There can be just as much magic in a room of 150, as there is in a club of thousands – often more. We’re creating pure underground experiences for the house-music lover, and with pros like Eelke Kleijn on board, we’re almost guaranteed success. Both of his events with us this year are an indication of this.

Eelke’s first Toronto appearance in May was many years in the making. We met at the WMC in 2007, but because of his worldwide popularity, we’ve always known he doesn’t need to play a small shop like ours. We wanted to be sure his debut was a good one, and thankfully it was with Ozmozis Productions on board.

Oz’s crew is fresh and filled with insane energy.  With his people carrying most of the load, we couldn’t have been more satisfied with how Eelke’s first visit to Toika Lounge turned out. Many thanks also go out to Way of Acting  for kicking it off proper with a very memorable Warm-Up Session.

The only blemish on an otherwise flawless party was the minimal bringthebeats / GROOVE GARDEN presence on the dance floor. With our second co-promotion alongside Ozmozis – featuring the mega-hot Henry Saiz – the very next weekend, too much of our crew held back for part two.

So when the opportunity arose to bring Eelke back for an INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND in August, we immediately said yes. The second gig allowed us to expose Eelke to the entire Toika community and cement the Dutchman as a reliable artist in our core.

Eelke’s professionalism shined through at a phenomenal I&U. Faced with a more subdued group, Eelke maneuvered through his collection much differently than he did in May. In the booth for most of Cesar Caballero‘s warm up, he sensed we’re more on the house tip, so he tapped into his deeper bombs. They worked perfectly on us, as we were locked in a serious groove from start to finish.

The icing on the cake: Eelke used the set for Episode 88 of his Outside the Box podcast… a HUGE score for us!

Within four months Eelke exposed two merging groups to the entire spectrum of house music. In the process, he displayed why the progressive style of DJing is by far the most effective way to move the dance floor. Whether its Oz’s crew jumping up and down or ours gliding side to side, Eelke Kleijn can perform magic inside any vibe. He’s absolutely welcome back to Toronto anytime.

INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND v23 w/ Jody Wisternoff

Jody Wisternoff at INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND v17

There are so many fantastic underground DJs out there, we’d love to debut a new artist at INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND every month.   To present a fresh face as often as possible is our goal, but some of our bookings must return as soon as possible because of the positive impact they have not only on the Toika Lounge dance floor, but on the bringthebeats / GROOVE GARDEN movement as a whole.  This is why we booked Eelke Kleijn twice in four months, Luke Fair and Ricky Ryan as often as we can and now Jody Wisternoff for his second I&U appearance of 2013.

INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND v23 featuring the UK’s Jody Wisternoff and bringthebeats resident Cesar Caballero goes down FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 20TH at Toika Lounge.  Get your tickets now!!

We’ve learned its best for a promotion to build a roster of quality bookings to ensure their community is properly entertained each event.  Clubbers appreciate consistency and cherish dance floor memories.  If we can allow our crew to relive the vitality of one of our past gigs, we must jump on that opportunity.  The same can be said about our relationship with the talent.  If we can reconstruct the vibe that inspires a DJ like Jody Wisternoff to perform as well as he did at INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND V17, we need to make it happen again.

Fingers crossed Jody’s second Toika Lounge show will go off a little smoother than the first.  In February Jody traveled in behind one the largest snow storms Canada has endured in the past three years.  He suffered delays in Calgary and Toronto to the point where he literally stepped off the plane and into the booth.  Nevertheless, with luggage at his side, the Anjunadeep star amazed the crowd with an array of groovy, funky and super-fresh selections mixed with more energy and enthusiasm than most of our well-rested bookings.  He’s an absolute pro who wholeheartedly loves his job, regardless of the circumstances.  We admire him for that, and that’s why he’s back!

Jody always has so much going on in his career; he’s constantly on tour in support of something.  This time around he’s promoting Anjunadeep05, his first commercially-released compilation for the world-renown label.  The two-mix package – also featuring label boss James Grant – reached #1 on the US iTunes chart on its first day of release this past July.  Infusing the entire submission with his magic touch, Jody has included two originals and many remixes and reshapes in a sublime mix.   It’s a must listen for anyone loving the modern deep-house sound as much as we are.

And if you just can’t enough of Jody Wisternoff, dig into his ever-growing dj sets archive below.  We have so much love for this guy always keeping us in his groove.

INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND v22 w/ Eelke Kleijn

Eelke Kleijn at Toika Lounge, May 5, 2013

Our first promotion alongside Ozmozis Productions may have thrown some off a bit. With back-to-back parties hosting Eelke Kleijn and Henry Saiz, the latter being an INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND, too many of the bringthebeats / GROOVE GARDEN crew missed Eelke’s mind-blowing performance. Toika Lounge was still over-flowing with fans and amazing energy, but it was definitely Oz’s crew carrying the load for the Ozmozis presents night.

Well, on Saturday August 10th, we’re remedying that by providing our community with a second chance to hear the absolute brilliance of Eelke Kleijn, this time for INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND with Cesar Caballero warming the floor.  GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!

In May, Eelke proved to be an absolute pro. We already knew this through his phenomenal production and ultra-successful Outside the Box podcast, but his genius was confirmed after hearing an absolutely impeccable DJ set inside Toika Lounge. Eelke’s mixing was proper and programming 100% on point. We’ve booked many DJs over the years, but few possess the precision and skill Eelke Kleijn put on display that night.

Warm-Up Sessions w/ Eelke Kleijn, Andrew McDonnell and Cesar Caballero

Adding to Eelke’s growing legend with us is his refreshing, low-maintenance approach.    He’s so friendly and up for anything; agreeing to do the Warm-Up Sessions on a whim, conducting an impromptu interview for Way of Acting and greeting every fan with a smile and as much time as we could give them to chat.  There’s not a pretentious bone in Eelke’s body, even though he’s more than talented enough to justify acting like a rock star.

We just cannot say enough great things about this truly humble individual and cannot wait to host his unbelievable talent for the second time in four months.  If there’s anyone who can follow up the magic of INTIMATE & ON THE BOAT, it’s Eelke.  Actually, we should prepare to have it turned up a notch because that’s what this gentle giant does best.  Get your dancing shoes on club kids, Eelke Klein is coming back to tear it up… again.


INTIMATE & ON THE BOAT w/ Luke Fair & Ricky Ryan

INTIMATE & ON THE BOAT w/ Luke Fair, Ricky Ryan & Cesar Caballero

In our underground, it doesn’t get any more exciting than this. Luke Fair, Ricky Ryan and Cesar Caballero in Toronto… on a boat!! What more needs to be said? A lot. It wouldn’t be bringthebeats if there wasn’t.

It’s always been a dream of ours to host bringthebeats’ core DJs in an environment that justifies the music we want to hear and they want to spin. Toika Lounge is close to perfect for our nighttime shenanigans, but a funky-smooth groove is best heard outdoors. That’s why we’ve organized INTIMATE & ON THE BOAT.

We’ve promoted boat parties before, but never on our own, focused solely on what we do. It hasn’t been feasible in the past, but since we’re on a roll alongside the GROOVE GARDEN crew, we figured we’d give it a shot. Our events at Toika are as cozy as they are because we’ve left them to those who know. It’s time to replicate those warm vibes on a boat.

We’ve found the perfect vessel for our intimate concept. The Aurora Borealis is a 200-person yacht with a retractable roof, so rain or shine; we’ll be drenched in good times. And the price is certainly right. $30 to hear two international superstars and the best funky house DJ in the city under the summer sun; it’s unheard of to pay so little for so much fun.

To top it off, as soon as the boat docks, we’ll head to Toika for the ultimate INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND. bringthebeats resident Craig Anderson will join our boat cruise trio to put the icing on what’s sure to be the party of the summer.

Cruise are only available online at  They’re moving super fast, so don’t delay, as there’s only 200 available. Cruise tickets DO NOT include entrance into Toika Lounge.  Cover for the after party is $10 with a boat cruise wristband before 11pm, $20 after and for anyone not on the cruise.

A cruise just for our crew, Luke Fair and Ricky Ryan playing together for the first time on our home turf, Cesar Caballero spinning alongside two mentors and Craig Anderson setting the stage for three of his favs at the after party. On Saturday July 13th so many of our dreams will come true, it would be great to spend this monumental day and night with all of you.

LUKE FAIR dj sets

RICKY RYAN dj sets


INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND v21 w/ Kosmas Epsilon

Kosmas EpsilonAnyone who knows anything about the progressive style of DJing knows Kosmas Epsilon. He’s a DJ and a producer, not a producer trying to be a DJ. Kosmas knows how to build a set, like he constructs a track; with movement and direction. He’s supported bringthebeats online since 2009, but we’ve wanted to book Kosmas for a decade, so we’re super excited to finally make it happen as we reach the one-year mark of the bringthebeats / Groove Garden collaboration.

We could have easily booked a “name” artist for this special event; however, we wanted to stay true to the party’s name, INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND.  We’re trying to build your trust as a reliable source of good times and great music.  We feel the best way to do that is to debut a talent the masses may not be familiar with. If you take our word for it, you’ll be treated to one of best musical experiences of your clubbing life.  The essence of electronic music is discovery, and that’s what this party and promotion is all about.

Thank you!!

We also don’t want to gouge you at the door simply because it’s a milestone event for us.  Therefore, to show our sincere appreciation to all who’ve supported our movement this past year, we’ve reduced the advance ticket price to $10.  And that’s not all…

Ticket holders will also be granted access to our very first Way of Acting Warm-up sessions featuring live sets streamed around the globe from Kosmas and residents Cesar Caballero and Craig Anderson.  We’ll have some snacks for all who arrive early and cheap drinks will also be available throughout the Warm-up Sessions.  We’ll even buy your first drink if you arrive within the first half hour.

It’s all about the music for us, but the music wouldn’t be what is without amazing people to share it with. Again, a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who’s showed us love this past year.  Please join us on Saturday, June 8th so we can show you how much we appreciate your support.

The Toronto debuts of Eelke Kleijn and Henry Saiz

The Toronto debuts of Eelke Kleijn and Henry Saiz

bringthebeats, Groove Garden and Ozmozis Productions have been making great things happen at Toika Lounge since Terence Lam took over the club last spring. Oz has had the venue overflowing with underground trance and progressive acts including John 00 Fleming, Quivver and Guy J. They’re a promotion dedicated to sound and vibe, and after a year working side by side, it’s obvious all three groups approach the scene with like minds.

Our individual success at Toika and shared attraction to ‘music with direction’ makes the upcoming back-to-back collaboration to debut Eelke Kleijn and Henry Saiz in Toronto the next logical step. Of course the most common thread for bringthebeats and Groove Garden with Ozmozis is the progressive style, as it’s always been the essence of our funky house. We all want to hear DJs who come in with a purpose and challenge the dance floor.  There’s nobody in the current mix more equipped to do that than Eelkie Kliejn and Henry Saiz.

Ozmozis presents Eelke Kleijn & Andrew McDonnell

This is a highly anticipated Toronto debut for the progressive house community. A globetrotting DJ schedule and a production resume highlighted by renowned EDM labels, as well as Hollywood studios, makes Eelke Kleijn one of the few true modern day electronic composers. He’s been on our radar for years and when Oz showed interest as well, we knew this booking had to go down.  With one of our city’s most forward-thinking talents, Andrew McDonnell alongside, this event will take the Toika experience to the highest level.

A limited number of reduced advanced tickets are available at

Below is a collection of DJ sets found on Eelke’s SoundCloud page, as well as some randoms found in the community.  Dig through these to get hyped for this monumental night…

w/ Henry Saiz & Cesar Caballero

Our back-to-back week of debuts continues with one of the hottest names in the business. Who’s bigger than Henry Saiz right now? Best Live Act, Best Label and Best Compilation in the 2012 DJ Mag Spain awards, and Best of 2011 for DEEJAY Magazine; what else needs to be said? With Groove Garden’s Cesar Caballero warming the floor, Volume 20 is going to be one massive party!

Again, a limited number of reduced advanced tickets are available at

Again, an archive of DJ sets from Henry’s Souncloud page and some others found within the SoundCloud community.  If these don’t get you excited for Henry Saiz’s Toronto debut, you might as well stay home on May 11th…

Toika is the place!

The first two weekends in May will once again confirm Toika as a viable destination within the Toronto club scene. There’s not a space in the city with a more perfect combination of intimacy, club sound and comfort for everyone involved; patrons, promotion and talent. A new era is about to begin for the bringthebeats, Groove Garden and Ozmozis crews and there’s no better place to host our underground revolution than Toika Lounge. Come check us out!!

INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND v19 w/ Desyn Masiello

Our infatuation with funky house began with “In House We Trust 3” featuring the originators of the genre, Desyn Masiello and Luke Fair. Luke’s been a cornerstone of our promotion since the beginning, and though we’ve supported many of Desyn’s Toronto gigs, he’s never been featured at INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND; until now.

Desyn MasielloIf you ask a cross section of our favourite DJs who their inspirations are, 100% of them would include Desyn within the first few replied. He’s a true DJ’s DJ within our underground and one of the most connected to the dance floor. He’s embraced the party and profession to form the perfect hybrid in the booth. Desyn’s charismatic and incredibly skilled; approachable, yet still professional… we have no idea what’s taken us so long to bring him to Toika Lounge.

“It’s always exciting to share the DJ booth experience with someone like Desyn Masiello. I had the opportunity to warm up for Desyn back in Colombia and I’m happy to do it again for his INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND debut.  I’ve always enjoyed Desyn’s musical vision thru his well-recognized DJ-minded sets, the amazing SOS collective and now the important job he has with the Faciendo tribe.”  – Cesar Caballero

As founder of the Faciendo tribe, Desyn’s put together one of the freshest collectives in the business. Their bi-weekly podcast, simulcast on over 25 radio stations worldwide, features incredibly eclectic selections showcased within a multitude of formats. The most interesting of which are the community mixes, where the tribe pools tracks under the guidance of one of the Faciendo elders to compile some extremely outside-the-box sets; including a very unique submission for John Digweed’s Transitions.

Desyn’s taken the Faciendo concept into the clubs with parties in the UK, Australia and the WMC. And if you follow their SoundCloud account, you’ll find a steady stream of Faciendo remixes and edits that are as cool and unique as the other aspects of the project. It’s inspiring to watch the brand grow online, as well as in the live environment.

Desyn was recently published in The Sun where he summarizes the direction of the Faciendo project and makes insider observations on the state of the scene. It’s a rallying cry for those in the underground who could be disenchanted, and an educational piece for those who’ve just discovered electronic music. His words represent an unrelenting love and passion for the music, felt with a more experienced heart; more inspiration for our movement.

It’s been too long coming, but the time for our crew to spend at night with Desyn Masiello at INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND has finally come. Reduced tickets are available online at  Secure your place on the dance floor now, you know this is going to be another night to remember forever.


Desyn’s Faciendo treats and our favorite mixes. Stay tuned for classic additions…


Ricky Ryan at INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND v14When you’ve got a great thing going, you have to ride it out. That’s what we have with Ricky Ryan - check that –  we have an amazing thing going with Ricky Ryan and that’s why we had to have him back in the Toika Lounge  booth as soon as possible.

His “strictly for the love” motto has never held more true. Ricky’s on absolute fire as a DJ, producer and even once again as a promoter with his GURUBOX intimate party series in Argentina.  His infatuation with the scene is fueled by an insane drive to make people dance. We plan on tapping into this positive energy once again Saturday March 9th.

INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND has become a very special stop on Ricky’s travels…

“In this day and age, it can be hard to find like-minded crazy people that feel the same about this crazy music. Crazy + Crazy = Vibe, and such vibe is priceless. INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND is the way I like it, aha aha;” says Ricky, a guy who we believe knows a thing or two about vibe.

“I love playing Toronto because you guys make parties for the same reason I play parties, we share the cause. I&U inspires freedom of expression, the Toika crowd wishes to hear us DJs share our deepest and bravest message through music.”

Those are some super-kind words about our movement, but it also piles on the pressure to deliver at INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND v18. Help us live up to this reputation by reserving your spot on the dance floor at We’ve some serious momentum going… let’s get a little twisted and together we’ll ride it out.

INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND v17 w/ Jody Wisternoff

Jody Wisternoff on FacebookAnyone who’s ever been on the pulse of electronic music knows the name Jody Wisternoff. The “legend” label is pre-maturely attached to a lot of artists these days, but with Jody it’s 100% justified. He’s been around the block and continually evolving; only a select few can make a claim like that.

This is the second opportunity for Jody to wow the bringthebeats crowd. In 2008 he blew the roof off The Mod Club in front of 500 strong. It gives us goose bumps to think of that night’s energy condensed into the cozy confines of Toika Lounge.  Jody Wisternoff’s an ideal DJ to be heard INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND.

There’s nobody more pumped about this party than the event’s opening act, Cesar Caballero; also the man who put it all together.  “I’m so excited because it’s an honour to perform warm-up duties for one half of the world-famous duo Way Out West.  Jody Wisternoff’s one of those artists who can take you on a journey with his DJ-minded sets and also produce quality underground music.”

And you don’t have to take Cesar’s word for it, just feast your ears on Jody’s newly-released debut solo album, Trails We Blaze - 12 tracks of deep house, progressive, Balearic vibes and melodic electronic grooves.

If you’re as thrilled as we are to hear this musical magician finally back in Toronto again, secure your place on the dance floor with advance tickets at  Weather permitting; February 9th has the chance to be one of the busiest I&U’s ever, don’t be left out in the cold.  Until then, here’s some tunes to help keep you warm….


We used to host an annual party at COCOS in Grand Bend. It was so awesome to be beach side while gettin’ down to underground beats. I’m sure anyone who’s been to the WMC or Ibiza feels the same way. The vibe is always so much better when you’re partying and on vacation.

Buy tickets for INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND at The BPM Festival now!!Throughout the past few years, The BPM Festival in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico has become the hot new vacation-party spot.  Established by a Canadian crew, BPM is now an international affair and a can’t-miss industry event. With many of the world’s top EDM acts performing, it’s a big deal to be included on the program and that’s why we’re super excited to announce that INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND is in the mix.

For the first time in a very long time, Luke Fair and Ricky Ryan will share the booth, with the ultimate set up man, Cesar Caballero warming the room.  Really, what else needs to be said? Three leaders of the funky house movement in a tropical paradise, within one of the freshest festivals on the circuit; it’s a landmark moment for bringthebeats and Groove Garden.

It all goes down on Monday January 7th from 10pm – 6am in the main room of La Santanera Playa del Carmen.  Keep it groovin’ upstairs will be the Digital Delight Showcase featuring Puente & Rosch, Jesse Perez, Damian Uzbiaga and Diego Moreno.

$30 pre-sale tickets are available at or you can purchase three day, seven day or ten day VIP wristbands at  It’s definitely going to be an epic festival from start to finish, hopefully you can fit us in your sched.

bringthebeats 10-year anniversary series

It’s never been our style to heavily promote the bringthebeats birthday, even though we always host events around that time. We truly believe every party we throw is as important as the others. Nevertheless, we feel a decade promoting the scene is a big deal, so we wanted to do something MASSIVE for our 10-year anniversary coming up in October.

bringthebeats 10-year anniversary seriesHowever, we’re faced with a dilemma. The bigger our parties are, the further the vibe drifts from the true essence of who we are. We’re INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND… how can we stray from that?

We can’t. But we also can’t celebrate with all our favs within the comfy confines of Toika on one night. So, we’re doing the [next] best thing and booking them all on five separate nights. That’s right, bringthebeats’ first team are confirmed to spin within the greatest party series of our 10-year history!!

Starting with our MVP, Luke Fair on Saturday August 11th, and then every second Saturday of the month right through December, the very best of funky progressive house will be featured in the most INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND environment you’ll ever hear these global superstars perform in.

On Saturday, September 8th, DEMI brings a little UK panache to TIFF week, and then the long-awaited return of our South American brother, Ricky Ryan goes down Saturday October 13th.

The legend Omid 16B touches down exactly one year from his monumental I&U debut on Saturday November 10th, and we close out the series with more Euro style and the always classy Add2Basket on Saturday December 8th.

Of course our resident in the The LocALe, Cesar Caballero from the Groove Garden will assume the early-hour duties in support of this all-star lineup.

Individual event and ticket information will roll out in the coming weeks; we just wanted to get the word out for our global crew so you can get a head start on travel arrangements today. INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND events are truly one of a kind. Wherever you are on this planet, you need to find your way to Toronto to hear the best of the best bringthebeats.

Join the party on Facebook  ►


INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND featuring OMID 16BParty planning was underway the minute we realized 11-11-11 was on a Friday.

We’re some of the millions, maybe billions, who feel an undeniable connection to the time 11:11. Seemingly every day we notice this moment of awakening. It’s a guaranteed minute of hope and attention. It’s a time to wish for the best and dream of favourite things.

I can only imagine an entire day of this feeling. A full 24 hours of conscious optimism… people would call it heaven.

Well my heaven is on the INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND dance floor. And I can tell you now without fear of spoiling the dream; I’ve used many of my 11:11′s wishing the legendary Omid 16B could be in the booth pulling the strings.

I can vividly remember every Omid moment. They occurred at 11:11am while caught in the groove on the Club 1000 hardwood. Every time Luke spun something so emotional, so magnificent we could hardly take it, it was Omid 16B. And every time we experienced this feeling, we looked at the clock and saw exactly what we wanted to see.

So every time you catch 11:11, be sure to make a wish. Dream the most amazing dream knowing that bringthebeats’ has come true.  And on Friday November 11, 2011 it would amazing if we could share our six hours of conscious optimism with all of you.


Omid 16B is a true artist; a DJ/ producer of the highest calibre. His artistic approach to everything he touches has so far seen a prolific 15 years, being hailed as one of the most cutting-edge electronic artists to ever come out of the UK.

"Omid 16B - Re arranged" on Discotheca MusicHe’s the owner/ founder of Sexonwax Recordings, as well as the recently resurrected Alola Records. His artist album “Sounds From Another Room” (Eye Q Recordings), and his mix compilations “Balance 13” (Stomp Australia) and “In House We Trust” (Yoshitoshi) have led to critical acclaim.

Omid’s singles have been signed to major labels like BMG/ Deconstruction. He’s remixed legends the likes of The Cure, Depeche Mode, Gus Gus, François Kevorkian and Deep Dish; and through all this success, Omid’s garnered sponsorships from industry giants Pioneer, Ableton, Roland and Native Instruments.

2011 has been a landmark year for Omid. He joined forces with the world-renown John Digweed, releasing Omid’s hit double A side single “Rain/ The Passion Of Zorro” on John’s own Bedrock Records.  It hit No. 1 and 2 on internal charts and No. 18 in the Beatport progressive Top 100. He also signed with AAA management / agency earlier in the year to concentrate on global events and festivals worldwide.

"Omid 16B – Rain" on BedrockIt’s paid off.  Omid’s been touring furiously, from Carl Craig’s Planet E stage at Snowbombing, through to DJmag’s 20th anniversary show at Space Ibiza.  To the MTV festival in Croatia and a prestigious spot at the Space Closing party, Omid has not let up.

Omid played two big Easter Bedrock events in London and Glasgow and he brought his unique style and textures to “SOS” (Sexonsubstance alongside partner Demi) to the opening of the Ibiza season with Jamie Jones at the aforementioned Club Space. He also performed at high profile festivals SW4 and Bestival.

Currently, Omid’s in the last stages of his new artist album to be released in 2012. It will be documented by the BBC who’s currently making a film about DJ’s based in London with different backgrounds. Omid’s honoured to play a major part in the documentary by providing the world insight into his everyday life as a DJ.

 Where our love affair with Omid 16b started.
It’s been a long, beautiful ride…

INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND v10… we’re back baby!

LUKE FAIR live at INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND v10It was so nice to be home.  After a 16-month hiatus from Toika we resumed the INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND series with bringthebeats’ marquee artist on the most special weekend of our year…

Nine years ago, on my birthday, I officially launched bringthebeats online.  The site was created to help develop my web skills and to support my Breathe guest lists.  Over the years we’ve made many variations to the look, but the focus has always remained the same:  to share the music we love using the incredible tools of the Internet.

Almost a decade after launch, we remain a grassroots destination committed to the underground nature of house music.  Despite the many temptations to sell out and go mainstream, we’re satisfied being a small but mighty crew in the know about music’s most sensational tunes. We’ll forever choose substance over size… everyone who was on the dance floor October 1st totally understands why (see us all here).

The cornerstone of our movement, from 2002 till today, is bringthebeats’ all-time favourite DJ.  Luke Fair has the skills to be World No.1, but he’s so humble and enamoured by the music, he can’t be bothered with all that bullshit.  He’s the perfect example of what we’re all about.

Both Luke and Toika were in top form for I&U v10, making our nine-year anniversary the most heart-warming party we’ve ever hosted.  I forgot about the togetherness of Toika.  When the sound’s just right, there’s definitely no other place for us.  Huge thanks to Winston and Junior for going the extra mile to insure everything was absolutely perfect.  And of course with Luke in the booth, that’s exactly what it was.

We’ve always been much more global than local, so it’s only fair we share the phenomenal memories of this night with our friends worldwide.  Each week we’ll upload another hour of Luke’s unforgettable five-plus hour set, starting with a 60-minute section tailor made for his closest friends.

Once the guests started to roll in, this how Luke began.  It’s a flawless hour of deep progressive house demonstrating Luke’s impeccable taste.  After hearing this you’ll start to realize why this party was so great.

Luke’s still including a lot of deep selections in hour two, but the dance floor is quite busy now, so you can hear him pick up the pace for stretches. There’s some disco-infused stuff and it’s all super funky… the party has most definitely started!

Luke’s our all-time favourite club DJ because he doesn’t need to switch genres to move the room.All he has to do is add a little edge and drive to his funky progressive and you have peak time.Hour three is INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND personified.

This is where Luke begins to mix it up for the masses.There’s no doubt techno is popular these days, but there’s few who can mix tech with house and spin it all progressively like Luke so masterfully does in this hour.It’s time to bring some edge.

We take pride in the I&U vibe being best at the end of the night… you can hear that in this final hour. It’s starts with the peak time pace of Part 4, drives towards some epic progressive selections and ends with some classic moments we’ll all never forget. This party was incredible from beginning to end. Thanks Luke.


I honestly can’t believe I’m writing this post.  It’s been a while since we hosted an INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND at Toika.  Sixteen months to be exact… a long time to be out of the game.

INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND v10 big boxThe last official bringthebeats party was The Rogue Show in August 2010.  Though we helped out at School Bakery last month, and with many HouseAddict jams throughout the year, it’s an entirely different animal to lead a promotion.  So often I wonder if I still have it in me, but then I put on a funky progressive house mix and instantly get the itch.

Getting these shows off the ground are often a struggle, in the lead up and throughout the night. But after each party, we always look back and know it was well worth the effort.  And let’s be honest, there’s a great team supporting INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND.

My right hand woman Adriana – still allowing me to play these games… damn, I love ya babe – is fierce at the door.  JD at re.form [avw] is always on point and on time with the media design; he has no idea how much I appreciate that.  Junior, Winston and the crew at Toika are always so awesome to work with. They’re ensuring as I type, the system will be tuned to sound just right.  So many friends are insanely helpful spreading the word, and for this one, my boy Craig Anderson has some high-tech digs to make the night’s memories extra special.

And of course there’s Luke, who’s gone above and beyond.  He’s sacrificed a lot to be here, as his incredible new agent, Joe from Nightlaw, has him constantly on the road with quality gigs.  Luke’s given up one of the higher-paying ones to be with us on October 1st.  We cannot thank him enough for that.

We’ll have the opportunity to show our appreciation to one of Canada’s all-time best by packing the dance floor and exuding the energy INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND has become famous for.  It’s always been the people in the room that take these parties to another level; you’re all why we keep coming back for more.

So join us as we celebrate nine years of bringthebeats and many more for Adriana and me on this earth.  It’ll be a party we hope to never forget.  That’ll definitely be made true if we’re lucky enough to experience this incredible night with all of you.


We’re doing everything we can to keep the Toronto scene fresh, funky, INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND. In this spirit we bring to you our first full partnership in the I&U series on Friday June 11th when House Addict presents Volume 9 with one of the industry’s hottest producers / DJs, the UK’s Shur-i-kan.

Tom Szirtes aka Shur-I-kan, is considered amongst the top of a new wave of electronic producers thanks to his trademark blend of musicality and cutting edge production techniques. He has been a long-standing key artist for Jimpster’s Freerange Records, and has recently collaborated with Glasgow’s kingpin of house, Milton Jackson, to start Dark Energy Recordings. Representing the deeper side of house, Shur-I-kan will show Toronto his true self for the very first time.

As mentioned, this is our first co-promotion for the INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND series. We definitely couldn’t have chosen a cooler direction than with the House Addict crew’s love for deep, sexy tech house. We know both crowds will appreciate the vibe this sound provides and we couldn’t think of a better venue than Toika to host this soon to be legendary Toronto debut.

There is NO GUEST LIST for this event. Please hook up advance tickets at the extremely low price of $12 at Cover at the door will be $20 so save yourself a drink at the bar and grab your tickets now.

For pre-party beats leading up to the big event, subscribe to Shur-i-kan’s Dark Energy Podcast on either iTunes or libsyn. Also subscribe to irGO’s Podcast on either iTunes or PodOmatic.