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Dory & Naveen inside Club 1000

Sometimes a party is just too good to let go. Sometimes they’re not-so great and the memories need a little boost. Sometimes we have nothing better to do. Whatever the reason we got it started on the kitchen table, one thing’s always guaranteed; great times ensue.

Desyn said it best; “…those moments of partying are a form of development in your mind, cos you communicate with other souls on a really deep level. It’s not all about just being spunout and out of your face…” The closeness felt in amongst the madness of hours, maybe days, voluntarily trapped within the confines of Club 1000 has definitely been much of the driving force behind the btb movement.

The after party allows us to filter out all of the frustrations encountered while trying to make it happen in the underground. We play the music we love, from the DJs we unequivocally support, with the people we appreciate the most and  make the quest worth enduring.

The crazy and ridiculous become normal.  The train wrecks are a reminder that everyone is just part of the crew. It’s a time were we all can truly let our guard down, be who we want to be and enjoy everything we are.

Over the years, throughout our travels and our time spent chatting on the web, you’re introduced to those who must be a part of the experience. That the legend wouldn`t be complete unless it was shared with the ones you have that special connection with.

The session we have here, the first ever released from the Club 1000 vault, was a mandatory endeavour. When you think back, it might have been the real reason why we put the whole weekend together in the first place.

Dory and Naveen brought something new, something cool to the Club 1000 vibe. We checked two more off the list and wrote a new musical chapter for the story. It`s Club 1000 like never before, a perfect opportunity to open the door.

INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND v5… lessons learned

Well I guess you win some, and you win and lose some. We only book people we respect and connect with, so never will a btb booking be a total bust. But this one was definitely not our best, filled with a lot of lessons learned and make-up moments galore.

Straight up, Dory is amazing! She met the lukewarm Toika dance floor head on with some dope tech house and had all the hardcores hot steppin’ and super impressed. The btb crew wasn’t in full effect, but those who were in support had a great time for sure.

However, for reasons that continue to plague our truly underground events, Dory never really had a chance. Every time we book someone that isn’t established in this market, and we feel that we might need the support of a local, it comes back to bite us in the butt.

Jade is seemingly a nice person, and she played some pretty cool tunes, but unfortunately she was virtually stranded by her No.19 crew, a group  we were really counting on to show some love for Dory and the tech house sound. We had this gig planned for nearly four months in advance, but even that couldn’t ensure Jade’s fans wouldn’t be spread out across the city, all weekend, as they always are.

To make matters worse, our crowd isn’t interested in hearing a DJ that plays multiple times in the city week in and week out; and our gigs just aren’t intriguing enough for the regular club circuit without a big “name” on the bill. You gotta spend big, and in my opinion book boring, to be able to draw a crowd in this city.

In retrospect we should have asked Dory to go open to close and went for it on our own. At least that way people show more patience during the early hours of the party, knowing that the headliner is already in control. With Jade opening, people walked in and saw the cold, barren dance floor and decided to bail out to another club while they could still make list and avoid the peak time lines.

If you’re going local, you must go all local and if you’re bringing in a guest, you have to give them the utmost respect by handing them entire night to do whatever they please. Through our experience, for our parties, this is what works best. A lesson learned.

The weekend wasn’t a total disappointment. We created some amazing musical memories with Dory and special guest Naveen G. Club 1000 was in the fullest of effects, and for the first time ever, we’re releasing some beats from a btb after party. Check them out here.


This one really has been a long time in the making. Dory and I have been trying to work something out since the WMC ’07, but without any real tech-house roots for bringthebeats, it’s been difficult trying to sort out the proper party for Dory’s Canadian debut. That was until we met Jade this past December.

We’ve seen Frances Zibulski out and about in the Toronto scene for some time now. It’s tough not to notice her and her super slick friends ripping it up on the dance floor. But when I realized she DJed and noticed her starting to get gigs with the No.19 crew (Kenny Glasgow, Jonny White, etc.), I became extremely intrigued by the prospect of Jade spinning alongside Dory at Toika for our first ever tech-styled INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND.

Frances stopped by our Boxing Day after party and after sitting on the sidelines for a bit, she decided to head to her car and slip her promo into rotation for the Club 1000 crazies. Admittedly we were all a bit sceptical about what we were to hear; as everyone knows we’re a pretty “jaded” collective when it comes to techno talent. But we were all pleasantly surprised to hear a deep, groovy promo that was most certainly techno, but definitely not soulless like we had feared and have heard way too much of over the past couple years.

It took a lot of guts to throw in those beats for group of hardcore progressive house heads that had just ingested a half a day’s worth of Luke Fair. For me it sealed the deal on the Dory gig as we finally had someone within the genre to spin alongside; do it well and with incredible enthusiasm. Dory and Jade is a match made in tech-house heaven.