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In Demand

Dial back to 2003 and the “Global Underground 025 – Toronto” launch party. Ten hours of Deep Dish in an epic environment of clubbing utopia. The only highlight to rival the world-class performance of Dubfire is the marathon dance session on the go-go stand by the girl in the blue dress.

Weeks later we schedule a meet-up at System Soundbar with one the most enthusiastic and consistent names on our guest list, Lisa Sant. We situate at the back bar and who do we lock eyes with… littlemissbluedress!! Our underground lives are never the same again.

This over-the-top club chick becomes one of the most informed enthusiasts of the progressive style we’ll ever meet. Her passion for the little known and groove-infused made Lisa the ideal candidate to work alongside in our first exclusive series, In Demand; a movement to introduce under-the-radar artists to the world.  The music below speaks for itself, but it’s Lisa’s unique interview format, ‘Inside the IM with littlemissbluedress’ that makes this collection incredibly special.

Lisa has since moved on to global success within the underground community. Currently based out of the Netherlands, Lisa continues to leave her mark throughout the industry, documenting her adventures on the Disco Around The World blog.