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Modeled after the Big DJ Small Club events of the legendary Gold Club series in the early 2000’s, INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND is our event promotion’s signature party at TOiKA in Toronto, Canada. After three test runs in the venue, we launched the series on our sixth anniversary in October 2008.

We joined forces with the Rogers Wireless Box Office to help beta test their new mobile ticketing technology and in the process provided the first five INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND‘s for FREE!! The first 11 I&U’s were bringthebeats solo missions, but from v12 to v27 they were co-promoted alongside the Groove Garden Recordings crew. Also born from the series was INTIMATE & ON THE BOAT, which featured three sensational groove cruises. Both series were put to rest in August 2014.

In the summer of 2015 we retuned for an INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND reunion at TOiKA and an INTIMATE & ON THE BOAT reunion aboard the majestic Tall Ship Kajama. It’s not easy for us to stay away from the dance floor, either at TOiKA or on the Kajama, so expect more reunion jams in the unforeseeable future.

For now, here are adventures we’ve been able to capture for the world’s aural pleasure. We hope you love them as much as we continue to.