bringthebeats LIVE

We began recording sets with an iRiver at System Soundbar in the early 2000’s.  We figured recording live DJ mixes and posting them on bringthebeats was the best way to convince our friends to sign up for the Breathe list and support the underground scene.

Unfortunately System closed as the ball dropped on 2006 and for a year we sat in limbo.  In the meantime we helped see Sonic Nightclub out proper, and though our involvement was brief, being a part of the Boa / Sonic energy was something special.

INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND at Toika LoungeIn the summer of 2007 we joined forces with three other renegade promotions to form EXPOSED at The Mod Club Theatre.  We have such fond memories of The Mod Club; as we met many of the supporters we still have today on that College Street dance floor.   EXPOSED inspired us to do this promotions thing on our own, and that’s what we set out to do in the summer of 2008.

Modeled after the Big DJ Small Club events of the legendary Gold Club series in the early 2000’s, INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND at Toika Lounge remains the signature parties of our promotion. After three test runs in the venue, we launched the series on our sixth anniversary in October ‘08.  We teamed up with the Rogers Wireless Box Office to help beta test their new mobile ticketing technology and in the process provided five INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND‘s for FREE!!

Toika continues to be the home of the bringthebeats crew, hosting I&U’s as well as our homegrown series The LocALe, featuring our resident Cesar Caballero. From System Soundbar till now, our events not only focus on the talent and what he or she wants to do for the consistently up-for-it dance floor; our parties are just as much about the clubbers on that floor.  If it weren’t for people paying at the door, none of us could do what we do.  Everyone who steps inside a bringthebeats party is part of our crew.

Not all of these magical nights have been recorded, which is a reflection of the raw, grassroots essence of our movement. Some parties are best left for those who know, but as you hear below, we have some incredible adventures to share with everyone around the globe. These are nights we’ll never forget and we hope you love them as much as we still do.

This archive will continue to be updated as we dig through the archives, so please check back into these grooves…