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The LocALe – Cesar Caballero

| March 4, 2014

In June of 2012 we launched the bringthebeats & GROOVE GARDEN partnership and started a movement very unique to what’s happening in the rest of the Toronto scene. The cornerstone of this project has always been the inspiring energy of Cesar Caballero. Cesar has set the tone for all the music we’ve promoted online and in the club since we joined forces. In our opinion he’s absolutely become the top talent in our city.

Momma Diana and Big Daddy Cesar CaballeroOur sensational NYE party was the 21st event we hosted together and definitely one of our best. After such an amazing run we all deserved a break, but some exceptionally great developments actually made the pause a must to take. Cesar and his partner Diana are set to embark on the greatest journey of their lives, as they welcome a Little Cesar into their world this spring.

We are over the moon about this fantastic news and so excited to have another little man to pass the groove on to. Unfortunately it means Cesar will somewhat slip off the radar when it comes to our parties, but we’re banking on some enhanced inspiration when it comes to the music he’s producing.

Cesar’s already prepared to unleash a whole slew of new tracks alongside some amazing collaborators and expect even higher quality promo mixes than we’ve already been spoiled with.  We might not hear as much from Cesar inside the booth in 2014, but you’re guaranteed to hear the best of what he’s ever offered on this website throughout the year.

It all begins with this newest exclusive in The LocALe. The time away from his regular warm-up duties for INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND has allowed Cesar to experiment with some edgier sounds. It’s still deep and forever groovy, but he’s tapped back into the Peace Division-like trek we love to hear from Cesar in peak time. As we wind down this cold, extremely hard winter, I think we all need a little something like this to welcome the long-awaited equinox in a few weeks… finally!!





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  1. Young says:

    Thank You to all involved for letting me experience this
    I have been listening since 98 and this is by far a top 5 of all time.
    again thank you
    consider me reignited