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INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND v24… Maestros Luke & Cesar

| November 15, 2013

I&U v24 w/ Luke Fair & Cesar Caballero

The cards were stacked against us. Toronto’s longest-running underground club was celebrating its closing weekend. Guy J was less than a week before… Sasha at Stereo and Halloween the week after… John Digweed at Stereo and Henry Saiz Live at Toika the week after that! It’s been a long time since our market was saturated with so many of our scene’s marquee talent, how could we expect the niche to fit in our little anniversary jam?

Heading into the event, it appeared they wouldn’t. Our advance tickets were a tad low for a Luke Fair party and Cesar Caballero played for a way-too-empty dance floor for way too long. It’s like pulling teeth to fill any room before midnight on the best of nights, but with the odds definitely not on our side, we were a bit worried. The party that’s traditionally the best for us had become a stress.

Then, just before the witching hour, the flood gates opened. The Luke Fair faithful stormed through the door. Cesar’s fans slide-stepped in front of the booth and the energy amped in a matter of minutes. The frustrated folks from around the corner began to filter in and soon after they called their friends to come over and experience what was shaping up to be our most memorable Toika party of the year. And that it was.

Despite some worries on the home front of his own, Cesar warmed the room to perfection, as he always does. Even when the room was more baron than usual, you could hear (below) Cesar was focused and in the groove. He steps into the booth with a plan and executes, regardless of the circumstance. And when it’s time to turn it on, Cesar is always primed to please. Cesar Caballero has become satisfaction guaranteed.

There’s a feeling of comfort we all have when Luke Fair’s at the top of the bill. The transition from Cesar to Luke is always seamless. They’ve played together so often Luke knows exactly what to expect and Cesar knows exactly what Luke plans to do next. Their trust certainly creates a fluid night of music.

For us, we always know we’re going to see our best friends on the floor when Luke is in the booth. The vibe is priceless when the room is full and the DJ knows most everybody’s name, and on this night, he tailored his set especially for this crew. Countless edits and special cuts kept the memories flowing from the start (below) to the unwelcomed finish (which we’ll leave for those who know).

Thanks so much to everyone who supported us at this sensational party and all the others the past 11 years.  As time passes it becomes more and more difficult to remain connected to our underground family outside these parties, which makes INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND more meaningful with every passing event.  And when Luke and Cesar conduct the affair with such grace, it makes us even more excited for what comes next… and that’s DANNY HOWELLS club kids!!!



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