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Fresh Beats w/ Luke Fair

| October 8, 2013

Luke Fair is the most interesting man in our underground. He’s a man of few words, but many talents, a perfectionist and a procrastinator, an inspiration and sometimes a frustration because he’s just so damn good.

Fresh Beats w/ Luke FairAll things said, he’s the most important artist in our movement and a great friend. We wouldn’t write posts, host music, lose fantasy-sports pools or throw parties if it weren’t for Luke Fair.

On the surface Luke’s an introverted musician; a dime a dozen. But if you dig deeper, you find a very complex and insanely-smart individual. His focus is narrow, but incredibly precise. Whatever he does, he does to the fullest, but truly can’t be bothered with the excess.

If being a superstar DJ/producer was only about talent and skill, Luke would be a sure bet for a Grammy. Unfortunately, awards in music are about most everything else, so he’ll simply remain the most popular act in our niche. There’s no one more satisfied with that than Luke Fair.

We met at the Kool Haus in 2001, as Luke stepped out of the cabana booth after opening for Deep Dish.  To this day it stands as one of the most memorable parties we’ve ever been on the dance floor for. A short time later we after partied for the first time, following one of his Solution nights.  The rest is history.

From System Soundbar to Club 1000, the WMC to Pacha, Buenos Aires, Aria and Stereo to Toika Lounge; when we’ve had the time of our lives, Luke Fair is usually conducting the vibe.  We’re so excited to continue this tradition as we celebrate 11-years of bringing the beats…

Luke is headlining the bringthebeats 11-year anniversary party at Toika Lounge on Saturday, October 19th alongside our partner, GROOVE GARDEN’s Cesar Caballero. As you hear above, phenomenal beats are guaranteed.

Reduced advance tickets are available at





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