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Fresh Beats w/ Add2Basket

| July 24, 2013

Add2Basket at The Garden Festival

bringthebeats has always had a lot in common with Add2Basket, and in a kind of unfortunate way, that hasn’t changed  in 2013. Personal and professional responsibilities have slowed us both down from doing what we love most; share music.

We’ve been throwing parties and raising a little boy, András has been working tirelessly for Neston and spending some much-deserved downtime with a special friend. It’s been a positive break from spreading the underground love, but we both know it’s time to refocus on our ultimate goals.

Our endeavours have inspired us to get back on track with more passion than ever before. Add2Basket is fresh off a gig at The Garden Festival in Croatia and compiled his first promo mix of 2013 for Dirty Kitchen Music.  And here we are together again doing what we do best; Add2Basket making funtastic music and bringthebeats sharing the story behind it.

For those who don’t know, Neston is an online radio station based out of Add2Basket’s native Hungary. It showcases under-the-radar tracks from all genres. András does much of the programming for Neston and you can definitely hear the station’s influence in Add2Basket mixes throughout the past couple years, especially in the final episode of The Rogue Show.

This bringthebeats exclusive is no exception. Where most would cite influences of tech, breaks or trance in the mix, Add2Basket delves into tropical and atmospheric sounds, retro rock and soul to construct his unique vibe. It’s really no surprise a guy who claims DJ Harvey as one of his greatest inspirations would move in this direction. It’s what makes the Add2Basket style so accessible and why no matter how long he goes into hiding, we’ll always be on top of him to provide some Fresh Beats.





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  1. bonnie says:

    As always, a fresh & unique collection of musical wonder…really enjoying this mix!