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Cesar Caballero’s INTIMATE & ON THE BOAT warm up

| July 22, 2013

Cesar Caballero is the unsung hero of the bringthebeats / GROOVE GARDEN movement.  His design skills allow our promotion to consistently stand out from the rest, and of course his DJing talent sets the tone perfectly for each one of our events.  Cesar is an absolute pro, through and through.  We definitely wouldn’t be in this game anymore if it weren’t for him.

Cesar Caballero

Photo by C.P. Abbott Photography

Cesar has humbly warmed the Toika Lounge dance floor for over a year, which isn’t always the most glamorous role in an underground scene that’s always fashionably late.  He ensures the system is tuned just right and everything in our guest’s rider is absolutely satisfied.  There’s so much to look after over and above the music, it’s amazing he can look after it all and still be in the groove by the time the room takes shape.

We wanted to release Cesar’s INTIMATE & ON THE BOAT set before any of the other coverage because in so many ways this cruise was for him.  He still had to deal with all the technical crap he so graciously looks after for us, but for this event, he didn’t need to wait for the dance floor to fill in.  Even before the boat left the dock, the entire top deck was packed and ready to rock.

As you can hear, Cesar totally delivered.  So much so, the hand off from Cesar to Luke Fair was the seminal moment of the voyage for us.  And it’s been absolutely amazing to hear all the incredible feedback from this set.  We really hope it’s the turning point in Cesar’s popularity in Toronto because there’s nobody who deserves it more than him.

“I decided to edit my INTIMATE & ON THE BOAT set in studio because I wanted to tell the whole story the best way possible. It was such special day with the bringthebeats / GROOVE GARDEN family; I wanted to keep the memories alive with the same tunes and vibe I presented aboard the Stella Borealis.  The goal was to deliver the best quality recording, instead of sharing just half of my set, which is what I would have had to do if we released the live version.  There were a lot of interruptions and volume / EQ issues throughout the first 35 minutes because of restrictions on the boat while docked.  Anyway, it was a very magical day / night that will remain in my spirit forever.  I feel truly blessed to have had the chance to communicate through this music with my favorite crowd on earth!” – Cesar Caballero





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  1. bonnie says:

    In a very short amount of time since Cesar joined forces with BTB, there’s been a massive amount of magic happening at Toika. This cruise brought together three of the finest gentlemen and musical talents this scene has to offer…can’t wait to see what’s in store for the coming year!