bringthebeats NEW YEAR’S EVE w/ Luke Fair

bringthebeats New Year’s EveWe love it when a plan comes together… especially when it’s on New Year’s Eve!!

I know we’re starting to sound like a scratched CD, but our promotion has really taken off in 2012. The bringthebeats 10-year anniversary series has been a huge success, offering eclectic musical experiences within a happy and united vibe. The consistency of the events has established us as a true player in the Toronto club scene, as we believe people appreciate having a fresh alternative to the norm.

Toika Lounge definitely does. The management has been amazing, going above and beyond to improve the sound and many other aspects of the club that may go unnoticed by its patrons… as they’re meant to. They’ve helped take our events to the next level and that’s why we’re super hyped and honoured to host the biggest night of their year.

Contrary to the majority of the nightclub world, we feel a monumental evening like New Year’s Eve deserves a massive headliner, and in our underground there’s none bigger than Luke Fair.

Our only other NYE bash went down in 2010, featuring an open-to-close masterpiece by our all-time No.1, and let us tell you, it was absolutely amazing! Anyone inside the Liberation Lounge that night can contest, the room was filled with magic from the first track to the last. We guarantee the same utopia when we see in 2013 inside Toika.

Tickets for this very exciting event – which will also feature the man from the Groove Garden, Cesar Caballero warming the floor – will be are available now at Only 150 advance tickets are available, so do not delay sorting yours. We promise, this will be a night to remember forever…



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  1. Bonnie says:

    gonna be maSSive!! Kudos to everyone who made this all come together and a definite thanks goes out to Toika for all their support in making this year an epic one for BringtheBeats. can not WAIT to party with you guys for NYE!!

  2. Bonnie says:

    ps: stellar work on the flyer Cesar!! See I knew you could turn that around quick :)

  3. barney says:

    Gonna be a dope party!! Thanks Bonnie!! And yes, great styles Cesar!!