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The LocALe – Cesar Caballero

| November 6, 2012

Cesar Caballero and Diana PerdomoExactly one year ago this week we were wrapping up our party promotions, preparing to be parents and satisfied moving forward with bringthebeats strictly as an online community. A year later we’re throwing more parties than ever before and poised to take INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND and The LocALe to new heights in 2013; all thanks to our partnership with Cesar Caballero and Diana Perdomo.

It’s been a phenomenal year working alongside the couple from the Groove Garden. Our parties in the fall of 2011 with Luke Fair and Omid 16B brought the four of us together, but it’s our mutual – and identical – love for house music that makes this team click. Our talks about the scene are passionate, our ideas uncompromising and our vision for the future extremely exciting. We all recognize it takes A LOT of work in the clubs, in the studio and on the wire to achieve success.  That’s why we’re all diligently doing our part, confident the hard work will soon pay off.

Groove Garden and bringthebeats have seemingly joined forces at the perfect moment. Interest in electronic music has never been greater. The DJ is finally being recognized as a musician and the mainstream is eager to learn more about our underground sounds. A full understanding of what we’re about may still be bit away, but when the new generation clubber is ready for something with more substance – beats a little deeper and in our ears cooler – we’ll be here to welcome them to the next level.

Cesar’s impeccable skill in the booth and in the studio is the ace in the hole for our preparation.  Having a credible and consistent DJ at our parties is an invaluable asset.  He sets the stage perfectly for our guests, and when Cesar takes over in peak time, everyone on the dance floor is super impressed. He’s the dedicated, enthusiastic and uncharacteristically humble artist we’ve been dying to promote and partner with for the past ten years.

Cesar’s third studio exclusive for The LocALe is evidence of all the great things mentioned above.  It’s tailor made for this weekend’s INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND v15 where he’ll open for one of his all-time inspirations, Omid 16B (just a couple weeks shy of Cesar’s birthday I might add).  This groovy deep-house gem features Omid’s remix of Groove Garden’s most-recent release Funketeao, as well as selections from Omid’s legendary SexOnWax imprint.  It’s surely all the motivation you need to show up early with your dancing shoes laced tight this Saturday night!!





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  1. Bonnie says:

    Wow, can’t believe it’s been a year since we met Cesar and Diana at the Omid party and what a year it’s been. So full of amazing musical discoveries and fabulous new ventures. I couldn’t agree more with the comment that interest in electronic music has never been greater and that there is finally the proper recognition being given to these guys as true artists. It’s an exciting time and with Cesar & Diana now a part of the team, things are only getting better! Love you guys!
    Can’t wait for this weekend’s reunion!

  2. barney says:

    Yeah Bonnie, what a year it has been. Such great memories of 11-11-2011, especially with what’s happened since. So looking forward to reliving the magic this Saturday. Woohoo!!

  3. dj Ralph says:

    Congratulation on the work you done my friend ….. love that you r doing what you dream off….. hope to see you guys in conference this year……. Cesar eyes un gran amigo y the deseamos lo mejor en tu carrera k sigas creciendo y hacienda buena musica…..

  4. cesar says:

    Guys, thanks for the amazing support thru the whole year, it has been an incredible experience, and the best part is that this is just the beginning!….Ralphy brother, thanks for your kind words, you know what this is all about…for sure we’ll see you in the conference next year…saludos a la familia !!

  5. Diana says:

    Thanks for the love and recognition guys I love to be part of this team and get to work with pro people like you! It’s been a magical year indeed and it looks like is only gonna get better. see you all Saturday on the dance floor 🙂