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The Rogue Show Podcast 017

| July 4, 2012

The Rogue Show Podcast 017

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It’s an exciting time for house music.  Deep, groovy and progressive sounds are making their way to the forefront and we feel The Rogue Show’s sitting pretty as long-standing authorities of this style of dance.

We’ll celebrate this reemergence of the funky stuff throughout the second half of 2012 with the bringthebeats 10-year anniversary series at Toika Lounge in Toronto and of course Add2Basket and Luke Fair will be two of the featured artists.

Add2Basket recently compiled a resident mix for Desyn Masiello’s Faciendo tribe.  Very few have had the privilege of compiling a solo set for the Faciendo show, so as you can imagine, it’s a pretty special hour.  Desyn even says so himself in the intro.

Luke’s also been up to some pretty amazing stuff, as he’s playing inside a castle in Ponzan, Poland next week.  His incredible run of phenomenal production also continues with the jazzy ‘Sound Of Saturn’ being signed to Sebastian Davidson’s Nightbird Music and two other bombs forthcoming on Spirit Soul Music.

Huge thanks to Andrew Davies for the slick designs.  Andrew oversees the creative department at Shaw Media and has more than 10-years experience as a web and graphic designer.  He’s a lifetime lover of cool beats and is obviously super-talented.  We’re honored to house his styles in The Rogue Show gallery.

The Rogue Show – Episode 017 – Add2Basket

So happy to be back with the new episode! I’ve put it together at beach of Lake Balaton, one of Europe’s biggest lakes, where the water is sweet and pretty much warm this time of the season. I think you can feel this kind of beach vibe in the music. As usual, no club hits, and always something different than the music I would play in a club. Another collection of warm tunes for your body and your soul.

The Rogue Show Episode 017 - Add2Basket

The Rogue Show – Episode 017 – Luke Fair

This one’s a little more up-tempo than previous episodes since I haven’t found much solid deep and groovy stuff lately,  But to make up for it I’ve sorted a lot of sick heavier stuff, with hints of retro and the old school.

The Rogue Show Episode 017 - Luke Fair



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