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bringthebeats 10-year anniversary series

| June 2, 2012

It’s never been our style to heavily promote the bringthebeats birthday, even though we always host events around that time. We truly believe every party we throw is as important as the others. Nevertheless, we feel a decade promoting the scene is a big deal, so we wanted to do something MASSIVE for our 10-year anniversary coming up in October.

bringthebeats 10-year anniversary seriesHowever, we’re faced with a dilemma. The bigger our parties are, the further the vibe drifts from the true essence of who we are. We’re INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND… how can we stray from that?

We can’t. But we also can’t celebrate with all our favs within the comfy confines of Toika on one night. So, we’re doing the [next] best thing and booking them all on five separate nights. That’s right, bringthebeats’ first team are confirmed to spin within the greatest party series of our 10-year history!!

Starting with our MVP, Luke Fair on Saturday August 11th, and then every second Saturday of the month right through December, the very best of funky progressive house will be featured in the most INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND environment you’ll ever hear these global superstars perform in.

On Saturday, September 8th, DEMI brings a little UK panache to TIFF week, and then the long-awaited return of our South American brother, Ricky Ryan goes down Saturday October 13th.

The legend Omid 16B touches down exactly one year from his monumental I&U debut on Saturday November 10th, and we close out the series with more Euro style and the always classy Add2Basket on Saturday December 8th.

Of course our resident in the The LocALe, Cesar Caballero from the Groove Garden will assume the early-hour duties in support of this all-star lineup.

Individual event and ticket information will roll out in the coming weeks; we just wanted to get the word out for our global crew so you can get a head start on travel arrangements today. INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND events are truly one of a kind. Wherever you are on this planet, you need to find your way to Toronto to hear the best of the best bringthebeats.

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