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The LocALe – Cesar Caballero & Dustin Nantais

| May 30, 2012

We talk a lot about being a crew, but it’s been a long time since we’ve had a regular crew in the booth. We’ve had a few DJs we could loosely call local residents over the years, but our parties have always been so sporadic, it’s not really accurate to say we’ve had an official association with any of them.

The LocALe w/ Cesar Caballero & Dustin NantaisAnd truth be told, we were very close to calling it quits promoting wise when we thought we were hosting our last INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND with Omid 16B last November.  Adri and I were so busy planning for the arrival of our boy Max and Toika Lounge was on the verge of being sold. With all the new responsibilities thrust upon us at home, establishing a relationship with an unfamiliar venue was just too big a task to take on.

But then came along an angel named Cesar Caballero who makes music we love and just so happens to have a connection to the new ownership at Toika. He’s offered a monthly, asks if we want to participate, and before you know it, we’re back in the game more full on than ever before.

As we mulled over what to do with this new night, Cesar and Dustin Nantais connect over their new production.  The two discover a common vision and begin collaborating on some new works for the Groove Garden.  It becomes obvious the two should join forces for this new monthly at Toika.

Now we have residents, bringthebeats has two established brands, The LocALe and INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND; all together we have the framework for a pretty cool concept.  A couple group emails, one in-person meeting and we’re on our way to producing the greatest parties series in bringthebeats history.  To hell with calling it quits!!

It all kicks off during the NXNE festival on Saturday June 16th 2012 when we host The LocALe featuring Cesar Caballero & Dustin Nantais for FREE at our home away from home, Toika Lounge (471 Richmond St. West Toronto Ontario). 

We do it again, Saturday July 14th 2012, with an encore presentation highlighting the two new to the crew.  And once again, it’ll be FREE all night!!

We really believe in these two amazing artists, and we stress artists.  They’re both DJing and producing quality house music.  They’re in tune with the btb sound, super fresh and very excited to get their opportunity to show Toronto what the new school is all about…

CESAR CABALLERO is the owner / operator of Groove Garden Recordings and the Groove Garden Sessions podcast.  Originally from Colombia, Cesar brings that South American vibe bringthebeats has fallen in love with throughout the years.  His deep and chunky style is unique to what we’ve offered in the past, so we’re very excited to introduce him to the Toika dance floor this summer.

Cesar’s itching to unleash some peak time beats in this city, but we’re not talking your ordinary, average peak time.  We’re talking funky and fun, driving and melodic, groovy and uplifting.  Absolutely everything you hear in this ideal promo for the bringthebeats LocALe.

Track list

1- No Gravity (Original Mix) – Paronator
2- Set Me Free (Original Mix) – Willie Graff, Tuccillo
3- We Are Cats (Nacho Marco Acid Remix) – Downtown Party Network
4- Wrong Direction (Original Mix) – Hanssen
5- Out To Lunch (Original Mix) – Russ Gabriel
6- Daze Without You (Chopstick & Johnjon Remix) – Kruse & Nuernberg
7- Bend (Chris Minus Deep Fried Remix) – Jacob Bech
8- I Got Your Back (Kruse & Nuernberg Remix) – Sunshine Jones
9- There Is No Light (Original Mix) – Luke Fair
10- Backflash (Original Mix) – Kellerkind
11- Yellow Sunset (Robag Wruhme Stoylago Edit) – Audision

DUSTIN NANTAIS is a long-time supporter of bringthebeats.  He’s performed throughout the Toronto circuit, but has remained underground by being selective in where he spins and who he’s alongside.  He’s recently invested in an extensive studio and is producing some incredible deep house.  Dustin’s committed to keeping it funky for bringthebeats and will provide infectious energy to all our upcoming events.

This seductive two-hour promo truly puts Dustin’s great taste on display.  Featuring many of the duo’s new collaborations, it’s a gentle, euphoric journey through the entire spectrum of modern deep house.  It gives us goose bumps to know this is the vibe that will kick off The LocALe on June 16th.

Track list

1- American Greed (Ayn Rand Mix) – Dustin Nantais
2- Maybe Next Lifetime (King Britt Dub) / Blakkat, Manuel Tur
3- Endless Feeling (Original Mix) / Gavin Herlihy
4- So Will Be Now… feat. Pional (Original Mix) / John Talabot
5- Set Me Free (Original Mix) / Willie Graff, Tuci
6- Work That Body – Acapella
7- Please Don’t Stop The Music – Rihanna Acapella
8- Escape (Cesar Caballero Remix) – Dustin Nantais, Cesar Caballero
9- Limits feat. Aniya Ouu (Manuel Tur Dub Ride) – Urban Absolutes, Paskal, Aniya Ouu
10- Thankful (Original Mix) / Robosonic
11- Believe It To Understand (Dustin Nantais Remix) – Cesar Caballero, Dustin Nantais
12- Singing (Dixon Dub) / Agoria feat. Scalde
13- This Is My Home (Original Mix) / Rills, Stenny
14- Barking (Original Mix) / Howard Sessions
15- Box Clever (Original Mix) / Huxley
16- Flowers On Fire (Mano Le Tough Remix) / Aera
17- American Greed (Corporate Responsibility Mix) – Dustin Nantais
18- Somebody That I Used To Know – Gotye Acapella
19- Yesterday & Today (Original Mix) / Monty Luke
20- Worst Love (Original Mix) / Robosonic
21- We Are Child Of Love (Original Mix) / Mario Basanov



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