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The LocALe – Mike Gleeson

| May 15, 2012

In Toronto, you only need to look as far as the residents to know if a party will go off or not. For all-local events, that’s obvious; but it holds true for international jams too.

Tickets for Bounce by the Lake Beats BBQ Picnic in Toronto from lineBYPASSThe residents not only set the tone musically, but they ensure everything is in tune systematically, and most importantly, they’re almost always responsible for who’s on the dance floor. In this city there are few non-DJ promoters. The residents work as hard to push a party, as they do preparing music for it. It keeps them humble and very appreciative of those who come out to support.

I can’t think of a DJ who exemplifies this tireless approach more than Mike Gleeson. He’s never been above helping out his promotion, and every time he’s in the booth, Mike’s all pro. His sets are fun, funky and bumpy. I’d classify his style within the classic house realm, as his selections always have a soulful undertone. However, he spins progressively, which makes him a perfect candidate to be featured in the bringthebeats LocALe.

We’ve been trying to score a promo from Mike for a while and have finally found the perfect opportunity to add one of his mixes to our collection. We’re lending our support to the Bounce crew for their legendary Canada Day beats and BBQ picnic where Mike is one of the headlining locals.  He’ll be performing alongside the best Toronto has to offer, as well as some very hot guests, including Justin Martin, DJ Mes, Sneak and DJ Dan.

Tickets available HERE.

Mike’s put together an eclectic exclusive to give the btb faithful a taste of the local talent at Bounce by the Lake.  It’s filled with floor fillers, slick samples, groovy transitions and classic vocals.  It’s unique to what he’s used to spinning, but tailor made for us, and a great incentive to hit the Keating Channel early to experience one of Toronto’s all-time greatest.

Further proof to how Mike goes above and beyond, he’s provided an incredibly detailed track list and description for this amazing mix.  It’s so inspiring to see a talent take this much care in presenting his music.  Thanks so much Mike, you’re the man!!

Mike Gleeson – bringthebeats – May 2012

The LocALe – Mike GleesonI have to say going into making the mix, I had thought to do something rather different than what I ended up with, but that’s often how my mixes go! I had about 40 different tracks in mind and part of me wanted to make a really off the wall set… kind of the really bass-y sound like a Justin Martin or Eats Everything… but I ended up going with something a lot more tracky. It’s a shorter mix as a result, and definitely different to how I play out, but I like it and below you’ll find a little blurb about why I picked each track

Neil deGrasse Tyson – The Most Astounding Fact
I come from a math and physics background and I think about music in a very mathematical way. The guy talking here is Neil deGrasse Tyson.  I like interjecting mixes with eloquent and elegant clips like this.

Justin Martin – Hood Rich(Dj Version) [Dirtybird]
This track goes well as a sort of dramatic and cosmic kind of tune for an intro. It’s a new track off Justin Martin’s new album and kind of evokes a Metro Area type feel, but has that hip house bit towards the end – typical Justin Martin.

Storm Queen – Look Right Through (MK Morning Vocal Mix) [Environ]
“Look Right Through” is an amazing tune and this MK mix is the bomb. I put it in here because it’s on Morgan Geist’s label and so it kind of went well with the Metro Area feel of the Justin Martin tune.

Fabrizio Maurizi – Magic Mirror [Memento]
This Fabrizio Maurizi guy releases minimal type stuff, but the EP this track is from is really head and shoulders above his other stuff.. had to put it in there.

Shades of Gray – I Hate Tuesdays [Reckless Republic]
I like Shades of Gray, and while they mostly make kind of almost Chicago type house, they also somehow wind up sounding very Pezzner-esque. This particular tune is kind of different from most of their releases, but still quite good.

Electronic Youth – I Wish [Sexy Trash Digital]
Ok this track is essentially a bootleg of Angie Stone’s “I Wish I Didn’t Miss You Anymore”, but the way it’s produced is so strikingly different from the original, it’s quite arresting. It’s good to drop something like this in the middle of a set to wake people up with a strong vocal.

Maceo Plex – Deez Nuts [Ellum Audio]
Maceo Plex makes really great, tracky stuff, and at this point in the mix, I had decided to go in that direction… kind of erotic, dramatic and nasty stuff with this tune.

Chris James – Nothing Else Matters [Off]
Christ James makes tracky stuff too, but this track is by far his best release so far. Another strong vocal, which is not a bad idea after that brow-furrowing Maceo Plex tune.  And the bassline energizes things.

Delete – Slo-Mo Girl(Fur Coat Mix) [Get Physical]
Get Physical is a pretty solid label, but this particular track is really something else. I’ve never heard anyone play this particular tune, which is part of why I put it in the mix. But it’s also got a hypnotic hook and such a devastating bassline that it had to go in there.

Dapayk Solo feat. Camara – Still Believe [White Label]
I love Dapayk Solo. It’s funny though, most of his best work seems to end up on white label 12″s, as this track is. It may well be the best thing he’s ever done.  I included it because it’s very strong and probably not something most will have heard, as it’s only out on vinyl. It’s quite long, but really builds as it goes.

Kings of Tomorrow feat. Elzi Hall – Show Me [Defected]
Sandy Rivera with his best thing since “Finally”, but much, much more understated. It fits in perfectly with the direction of this mix. I like vocals but am super picky about them.  This track fits the bill with subtlety and feel. Not a bad way to end things!





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