The LocALe – Dustin Nantais

The LocALe - Dustin NantaisSome people’s energy is just right.  Their vibe jives perfectly with what they’re meant to do.  This is exactly Dustin Nantais when it comes to house music.

An artist from the start, Dustin began playing guitar and piano at the age of ten, and by 16 he was producing music and performing in bands.  For two years beginning in early 2002, Dustin traveled throughout Ontario and the north eastern United States with an indie outfit, before falling head over heals in love with electronic dance in ’04.

It didn’t take long for Dustin the DJ to appear in some of Toronto’s coolest underground booths, including those inside Beba, Hotel, Comfort Zone and the legendary Limelight.  His mixes have been hosted on radio shows and podcasts worldwide and he’ll be a featured resident in the bringthebeats / Groove Garden monthly event series debuting this summer at Toika Lounge.

Where Dustin’s truly finding his niche is within his production.  He’s compiling an impressive catalogue of deep, emotional house that’ll be set for dance-floor consumption in late 2012.  This includes an in-studio collaboration with the Toika series’ other featured talent, Cesar Caballero.

You’ll be hard pressed to find someone as passionate and enthusiastic as Dustin.  His positivity is infectious and he’s thankfully transmitting it to the world through his music.  It’s in your best interest to stay on top of his funky treats, because Dustin Nantais tunes are the definition of fresh beats.

At times it’s felt like we’re attempting to slam a Square peg in a Circle hole by holding strong to our belief in this music in our city. Deep, mature house that conjures These Feelings nobody outside EDM can contrive. It’s been perceived as a Violent Movement to even infer this music could be popular. But on this One Day in May, Dustin Nantias has allowed us Escape to an Amnesia Haze where thoughts of Tough Love have been transformed to a Mirror Image of Underground Love. Anchored by three of his stellar original projections; it’s beautiful to hear a Toronto DJ construct the Taoism of our sound.



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  1. barney says:

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