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The Rogue Show Podcast 014

| February 14, 2012

The Rogue Show – Episode 014

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Our fortunes have changed. Everyone’s has with Episode “Lucky Number” 014!!

Not only do we have a fresh and extremely sexy installment dedicated to the lovely woman in our underground, but we also have every one of our previous 13 episodes available to stream AND download at a tidy new

Yes, you read that right. EVERY episode from Luke Fair and Add2Basket, including the legendary live set from the duo’s back-to-back session in Toronto, is available for your aural pleasures, whenever and however you desire.

And for this very sensual Valentine’s Day edition, The Rogue Show has infused some estrogen into the mix. We’ve teamed up with one of the most passionate, dedicated and extremely talented designers we’ve ever come across.

Shannon Patterson took time out of her extremely hectic schedule at Canada’s largest media corporation to outfit this episode with a more feminine touch.  Shannon, The Rogue Show thanks you sooooo much!

So slip into something a little more comfortable, cuddle up on the couch and sink your teeth into this delicious Valentine’s Day treat.  With tunes like this, we guarantee you’re getting lucky tonight!

The Rogue Show – Episode 014 – Luke Fair

Episode 014 joins 010 and 008 as the episodes of mine I’m most proud of. I’ve given up some of the funk for more textured melodies and emotion. I didn’t plan to go this way but it’s just what came out of all my recent music. Hope you like it too.

The Rogue Show – Episode 014 – Luke Fair

The Rogue Show – Episode 014 – Add2Basket

Thanks to the unfriendly people at EMI / Astralwerks, this set has been pulled from our SoundCloud archive because of the use of ‘Seven Stars by Air, Victoria Legrand, Nicolas Godin, Jean-Benoit Dunckel.’ Get a hold of us through our contact form and we’ll figure a way to send the set to you.

This could be a little time travelling mix, as I’m soooo bored of most of the copycat productions that come out these days. It’s so rare to find something original and unique. Everybody is making the same beats with the same bases. Again you’ll hear the more melodic side of me with one of my favourite intros of the past 14 episodes. Hope this will win your heart. Enjoy it!

The Rogue Show – Episode 014 – Add2Basket



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