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The LocALe – Cesar Caballero

| December 23, 2011

The LocALe - Cesar CaballeroCesar Caballero resides in Toronto, but his laid-back demeanor is undoubtedly imported from the warm vibes of Columbia. He set up shop in Canada in 2006 and in a relatively short amount of time has become very well respected in the TO scene.

He’s working his butt off promoting here in the city and continues to have strong musical and promotional ties to his native land. He DJs, produces and runs the Groove Garden label and podcast. Cesar Caballero is a super-busy man.

We met on the dance floor of INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND v10, but truly connected the night / morning of v11. Apparently Cesar reached out soon after he arrived in ‘06, but it was through a mutual acquaintance who really doesn’t share our taste in tunes, so I seemingly let the introduction slip by. Of course my jadedness does me in once again. )-;

Nevertheless, this could be the ideal time for Cesar and me to connect.  It’s a difficult grind for guys like us who yearn to hear the funky stuff in Toronto clubs.  It’s really awesome to have someone to lean on who totally understands.

Just like most everyone I’ve met from the south, Cesar’s so positive in the face of it all.  I feel his passion and know his intentions are absolutely pure. He deals with the takers with a greater cause in focus.  It’s the music that drives this guy.  For that, I couldn’t respect him any more.

This Christmas exclusive is so ironic and perfect.  It goes from classic to clubby, funky to deep.  It’s epic and totally eclectic.  It’s like a resume of everything we love and everything we’ve done to get the people of this city locked in the groove again.

The mix really kicks in for me with the S Cat, and then the back-to-back Shur-i-kan is such an excellent homage to our main man the HouseAddict.  Though Cesar would have no idea of our connection to Moreno, it’s in there anyways.  Shit like this happens for a reason, and I’m so glad it does.

Thanks so much for this sensational set Cesar.  It’s gonna receive some serious airplay throughout our holiday season.

If you’re reading this from anywhere close to Cesar’s hometown in Cartegena, you must check him out on January 3rd when he hosts the illustrious Desyn Masiello at the Chiringuito Beach Club.  I can’t think of a more spectacular way to wind down after the holidays.  Get your tickets now Colombian club kids!

Track list

1- Feels So Real – Original Mix / Subb-an, Adam Shelton
2- Misery (Original Mix) / Manuel Tur
3- Luv Can’t Hurt (Original Mix) / Salvatore Freda
4- Star – Manuel Tur Remix / Reel People, Tony Momrelle
5- S Cat (Original Mix) / Matthias Vogt
6- Body Double (Original Mix) / Shur-I-Kan
7- Life Live (Original Mix) / Shur-I-Kan
8- Moreno – (Original Mix) / Anette Party, Anita Coke
9- Meta003.1 (Original Mix) / Rozzo
10- One (Shur-i-kan Mix) / Phonic Funk
11- Luv Can’t Hurt (Nebraska ’79 Mix) / Salvatore Freda





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