INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND v10… we’re back baby!

LUKE FAIR live at INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND v10It was so nice to be home.  After a 16-month hiatus from Toika we resumed the INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND series with bringthebeats’ marquee artist on the most special weekend of our year…

Nine years ago, on my birthday, I officially launched bringthebeats online.  The site was created to help develop my web skills and to support my Breathe guest lists.  Over the years we’ve made many variations to the look, but the focus has always remained the same:  to share the music we love using the incredible tools of the Internet.

Almost a decade after launch, we remain a grassroots destination committed to the underground nature of house music.  Despite the many temptations to sell out and go mainstream, we’re satisfied being a small but mighty crew in the know about music’s most sensational tunes. We’ll forever choose substance over size… everyone who was on the dance floor October 1st totally understands why (see us all here).

The cornerstone of our movement, from 2002 till today, is bringthebeats’ all-time favourite DJ.  Luke Fair has the skills to be World No.1, but he’s so humble and enamoured by the music, he can’t be bothered with all that bullshit.  He’s the perfect example of what we’re all about.

Both Luke and Toika were in top form for I&U v10, making our nine-year anniversary the most heart-warming party we’ve ever hosted.  I forgot about the togetherness of Toika.  When the sound’s just right, there’s definitely no other place for us.  Huge thanks to Winston and Junior for going the extra mile to insure everything was absolutely perfect.  And of course with Luke in the booth, that’s exactly what it was.

We’ve always been much more global than local, so it’s only fair we share the phenomenal memories of this night with our friends worldwide.  Each week we’ll upload another hour of Luke’s unforgettable five-plus hour set, starting with a 60-minute section tailor made for his closest friends.

Once the guests started to roll in, this how Luke began.  It’s a flawless hour of deep progressive house demonstrating Luke’s impeccable taste.  After hearing this you’ll start to realize why this party was so great.

Luke’s still including a lot of deep selections in hour two, but the dance floor is quite busy now, so you can hear him pick up the pace for stretches. There’s some disco-infused stuff and it’s all super funky… the party has most definitely started!

Luke’s our all-time favourite club DJ because he doesn’t need to switch genres to move the room.All he has to do is add a little edge and drive to his funky progressive and you have peak time.Hour three is INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND personified.

This is where Luke begins to mix it up for the masses.There’s no doubt techno is popular these days, but there’s few who can mix tech with house and spin it all progressively like Luke so masterfully does in this hour.It’s time to bring some edge.

We take pride in the I&U vibe being best at the end of the night… you can hear that in this final hour. It’s starts with the peak time pace of Part 4, drives towards some epic progressive selections and ends with some classic moments we’ll all never forget. This party was incredible from beginning to end. Thanks Luke.



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  1. Robert says:

    Great tunes! Thanks for keeping me in the loop even though I’m 2200 miles away. I really hope to see all of you soon, I partying with you guys at Toika. I can’t wait for the next few hours of this amazing set.

  2. Stuart Johnston says:

    Well done to Luke & all involved at Bring The Beats for making this happen. Keep up the great work. Here’s to another 9 years.

  3. Mark says:

    Will there be any tracklists to these sets? Fantastic mix by Luke

  4. aSc says: