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The Rogue Show Podcast 011

| September 26, 2011

The Rogue Show Podcast - Episode 011 - Luke Fair & Add2Basket

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Our summer solace is over.  It’s back to work for The Rogue Show as Luke Fair and Add2Basket bring to you the 11th episode of their genre-defining podcast.  Funky progressive house has always been about fun and fresh sounds.  It’s what the guys strive to provide each and every instalment, and it’s what you have here in this first episode of fall 2011.

Coming off an outstanding appearance at Club Honey inside Sundance Park in Hungary, The Rogue Show is in prime form.

Add2Basket starts off with a compilation of light-hearted progressive house gems.  It includes some quirky moments alongside many emotional dance floor selections.  Andrew’s totally immersed in his craft these days.  He’s revived Add2Basket Records with its 55th release, he’s launching a new radio show called Neston and Andrew’s a contributor to Desyn Masiello’s Faciendo project.  Add2Basket’s totally in the groove, this mix is definite proof.

Luke Fair is back to his road warrior ways.   Joe Saltiel of Nightlaw Artist & DJ Agency has Luke globetrotting like never before, including an epic tour of Australia that has him digging deep into his progressive roots.  Of course everything’s still on the house tip, but you can tell in this podcast and in his exclusive for, Luke’s been catering to his strong Aussie fan base.  It’s super exciting for his progressive-loving crew in Toronto, because we have him here next.

Special thanks to our first guest designer Roland Sipos from Hungary.  ROLL’s “Do not disturb” design is a great addition to The Rogue Show cover art gallery which has been so masterfully put together with ten episodes of Jason Warth designs.  If you’re interested in donating your skills for a future Rogue Show episode cover, send a link to your portfolio to

The Rogue Show – Episode 011 – Add2Basket

The show must go on…. Each episode continues to be my favourite. It’s my shortest Rogue mix, but you still get the story I want to tell. I insisted to include the amazing intro from Yonderboi’s (Hungary) new album (Passive Control), that everyone must hear… of course, after you’ve listened to The Rogue Show.  The typical weird ending comes straight from 1984.

The Rogue Show – Episode 011 – Add2Basket

The Rogue Show – Episode 011 – Luke Fair

Nothing fancy here. Just a lot of great music I’ve been playing out the last while. Hope you dig it!

The Rogue Show – Episode 010 – Luke Fair



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