I honestly can’t believe I’m writing this post.  It’s been a while since we hosted an INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND at Toika.  Sixteen months to be exact… a long time to be out of the game.

INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND v10 big boxThe last official bringthebeats party was The Rogue Show in August 2010.  Though we helped out at School Bakery last month, and with many HouseAddict jams throughout the year, it’s an entirely different animal to lead a promotion.  So often I wonder if I still have it in me, but then I put on a funky progressive house mix and instantly get the itch.

Getting these shows off the ground are often a struggle, in the lead up and throughout the night. But after each party, we always look back and know it was well worth the effort.  And let’s be honest, there’s a great team supporting INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND.

My right hand woman Adriana – still allowing me to play these games… damn, I love ya babe – is fierce at the door.  JD at re.form [avw] is always on point and on time with the media design; he has no idea how much I appreciate that.  Junior, Winston and the crew at Toika are always so awesome to work with. They’re ensuring as I type, the system will be tuned to sound just right.  So many friends are insanely helpful spreading the word, and for this one, my boy Craig Anderson has some high-tech digs to make the night’s memories extra special.

And of course there’s Luke, who’s gone above and beyond.  He’s sacrificed a lot to be here, as his incredible new agent, Joe from Nightlaw, has him constantly on the road with quality gigs.  Luke’s given up one of the higher-paying ones to be with us on October 1st.  We cannot thank him enough for that.

We’ll have the opportunity to show our appreciation to one of Canada’s all-time best by packing the dance floor and exuding the energy INTIMATE & UNDERGROUND has become famous for.  It’s always been the people in the room that take these parties to another level; you’re all why we keep coming back for more.

So join us as we celebrate nine years of bringthebeats and many more for Adriana and me on this earth.  It’ll be a party we hope to never forget.  That’ll definitely be made true if we’re lucky enough to experience this incredible night with all of you.



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  1. wow! Looking forward to the set! And still more anxious for the day 29 of the october in Moinho Lounge! Brazil! :)

  2. j.d. says:

    thx for the love bruv! always my pleasure to help out. so sad i’m gonna miss this one, but i have to see my beloved broncos get their asses kicked in green bay. stay up stupid late for me :)

  3. nightfalls says:

    Are any tracklists available for the show? Thx