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The LocALe – Brad Copeland

| August 18, 2011

Back in the day, while captivated by magical Brad Copeland sets on the Stereo and System Soundbar dance floors, I used to conjure up images of what the underground would be like if it reached the mainstream.  I had grand illusions of slick-dressed clubbers – youthful and yuppie – pilgrimaging to contemporary -styled dance floors in homage of the most talented musicians in the industry.  I never imagined we’d have what we have today.

The LocALe – Brad CopelandSlick-dressed is hipster, bottle service minimizes dance floors and the underground hasn’t only become mainstream, it is mainstream.   At least this is what I see all over downtown Toronto.

So often I stand on the dance floors of the city’s hottest spots, complaining about the simplicity of the music and how it seems to be a norm in our scene nowadays.  Most of these conversations are initiated by my personal jadedness; however, over the past couple years many of my friends have approached me with the same conclusion:

Most of Toronto’s nightclubs are no longer about substance; they’re only about style.  Scenesters determine the popular music of the moment, and just like fashion, it’s completely random.  It doesn’t matter what comes out of the speakers, as long as the DJ looks hot and is having a good time.  The people on the floor can be convinced cheap-looking elf shoes are in style, and they can also be persuaded to believe Pauly D is actually a world-class DJ.

It’s a simple formula.  Dress the talent funky; ensure he / she play tunes everybody knows and flash their drinks as often as possible.  Keep it simple and make sure nobody’s completely locked into the groove. You mustn’t divert patrons from the ultimate goal, and that’s to buy more booze!

It reminds me of the time I went back to my hometown and its one nightclub.  The dance floor was packed as long as the DJ was dropping hip hop, but every once in a while he’s slip in a Brian Adams or Corey Hart track. Why would the DJ interrupt his own rolling vibe?  The bartender’s explanation: “If we play great music all night, people would forget to come to the bar.” Holy shit!  Toronto’s becoming Brantford!!

Like a Rob Ford spending cut, this suburban trend is adversely affecting the downtown core.  It’s the reason why we don’t hear real DJs like Brad in the booths of Toronto’s largest nightclubs anymore.  His seamless mixing is way too gripping to impose this drinks-first mentality.  Any B-Cope fan can share their many moments of dance floor entrapment caused by his groove-locking programming style.  Quality artists like Brad have no place in today’s club “business.”

Just listen to the first part of this exclusive for The LocALe.  You’d never hear the smooth melody of You Are Here to open a big club in Toronto. By the time he reaches the deep funk of No Crash, I guarantee you 9.5 out of 10 would have no idea Brad’s seven tracks in.  Everyone would be dancing so hard there’s no reason to even think, let alone take a sip of a drink.

It’s so sad promoters are depriving their customers of tunes like Sweet Hanley because that’s exactly the sound Toronto had always yearned for.  And they might as well close shop after Brad goes Back on Track because that shit’s going to have everyone confined to the floor.

Part 2 begins on a groovy tip and incessantly rolls with BC pace.  As Brad moves through Da Funk it emphasizes how he’s always been best as a headliner.  Only during peak-time hours are mega bombs like Love and Imitation done justice.  The entire mix transports me back to the cyclones of circular soundscapes at System and Stereo (had to write it).   Vadim’s Cottage Industry slams an exclamation point on that… all our nights with Brad end in such epic style.





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  1. barney says:

    Part I
    Mario & Vidis – You Are Here
    Tiger Stripes – Back To Detroit City
    Tom Budden – All Night
    Mucky Pups – Tuesday-Surrealism Remix
    Supernova – Crash
    El Mundo & Satori – Valley Of The Kings
    Kevin Yost & Peter Funk – No Crash
    Secret Cinema & Ramon Tapia – Crystal System
    Danny Serrano & Hector Couto – Sweet Haney -Tiger Stripes Remix
    Madday – Shine – Ghosts Of Venice Remix
    Steve Mac – Mousique
    Steve Ward – Invisble Papercut – Peter Horrevorts Remix
    Marc Poppcke – Back On Track
    Edu Imbernon – Niquel-Dosem Remix
    Vincenzo – Broken Flower

    Part II
    Smacs & Patrick Kong – Deep Inside
    Rene Amesz – Get Together – Redondo Mix
    Da Funk – Tranquilandia -Snazz And Gus Remix
    Darlyn Vlys – In Your Shoes
    Budai And Vic – Bang
    Infusion -Love And Imitation -Peter Horrevorts Remix
    James Dutton – Dancing With Strangers
    Marc Poppcke & Alex Niggemann – Sleepless Nights
    Frederico Todos – The Moment – Matthias Vogt Remix / Fred Everything Edit
    Michel De Hey & Grooveyard – Compund – Peter Horrevorts Remix
    Ozgur Can & Sia Yaraghi – Den Maier – Sebastian Gudding Remix
    Hermanez – Semitone
    Sebastian Gudding – Raft
    Vadim Yershov – Cottage Industry – Dave Angel

  2. Michelle says:

    Amazing!! Thank you for the best tunes I’ve had the pleasure of dancing to in a long time…
    This new set shows why Brad Copeland is my most favorite DJ in the whole wide world… man can he make me DANCE!
    Brad just gets better and better @ spinning us right into a higher dimension!! Leaving us filled to the brim with a positive electromagnetic charge to better serve the world. This set sends sensational feel good tingles thru me from my brain right down to my toes!! I feel so connected to the soundexperience – every single nuance speaks to my soul that influences every cell of my being and grabs hold of me physically and makes me move in such a way that i feel my connection with my GREAT I AM… again… all the current traps and conditionings du-jour outside of that experience fall away to never return… it is a form of freedom setting that many are not aware of – EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) with music or Electronic Freedom Technique!!! who needs psychology when there is a holistic means with brad-musicology?? I wish it to fill the sound waves of the world… so all could experience this Freedom

    This set elevates me to a sense of freedom within that is mirrored on the outside, unleash your I AM Dancer and watch the rest of your GREAT I AM shine!! This is MEDICINE!! XOX

  3. Kakaroto says:

    This set proves the point that there are still in the city DJs that know how to program a set. These days bars and clubs are more interested in selling bottles and getting packed the venues regardless of who is playing that night. This means that whatever the DJ is playing is irrelevant, including the tunes and the mixing.

    A discomforting thing is to find out that clubbers and fans alike are becoming accustomed to it- much in the sense of desensitization among populations in the North, though that remains a topic for another discussion- where eventually the status quo remains in place without having even conducted an evaluation of what is currently going on. This doesn’t necessarily needs to be bad.

    This comes as a bit of a shock as a lot of people are entering the electronica scene while finding a disorganized structure in place. What happens next is that club culture becomes a fad where DJing becomes more about cranking it up without having the skills of appreciation and tact for music as playing the hardest tunes becomes a priority relegating the rest to a secondary place. Being a fan, in turn, becomes more of a trend where knowledge about the art and scene disappears.

    This, of course, with the complacency of some in the scene which makes one wonder as to what’s gonna happen once the more experienced DJs retire and pass the torch on the up and coming that really need to step up their game and understand thoroughly where we are currently standing on.

    For every DJ retired there are more than fifty ready to take up his/her place yet the quality has been downgraded to the point where it is worth ask if such a vibrant scene is bound to success with such over saturation.

  4. Ryan Lilley says:

    somehow missed this over the summer…really, really glad I found it though! this has been getting a daily play from me. so good..

  5. barney says:

    Glad you found them bro. They’re both amazing mixes!