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Fresh Beats w/ Gabriel Sordo

| July 7, 2011

Fresh Beats w/ Gabriel SordoWe LOVE studio promos!  Downloading a live mix is cool, especially when you’ve been at the party and you’re reliving the memories. But for us, there’s nothing like a DJ who tests the waters to produce something unique.

It’s so intriguing to hear what DJs come up with for a Fresh Beats exclusive. It’s like Christmas morning every time we play one of these mixes for the first time.  Studio promos are created without the pressures of a dance floor and party promoters determining the play list.  They’re about representing an artist’s true tastes.  We like to like to offer a DJ the opportunity to be who they want to be, something that’s not often available in a nightclub.

Gabriel Sordo is one talent who ceases the moment every time he sends a promo our way.  He can rock a room as well any progressive DJ out there, his Soundcloud account proves that with a steady stream of live mix downloads.  But when it comes to his promos, he digs deep and provides melodic drama that’s become a signature of his music on this site.

This instalment starts off with a summery vibe.  It really kicks in with one of his edits, a sexy little version of the Lovebirds’ Want You in My Sol. Part one – yes, there are two distinct parts in this continuous mix – concludes the groove with a Duff Disco number that has me bouncing around the room like I’ve just been introduced by Cat Deely.

Gabby then breaks off into a second part of ambient progression that’s super deep and tribal, building insane tension before Running on Fumes.  James Blake, of all people, sets up another deeeeep section of methodical beats before transitioning into a dreamlike state that eloquently comes to a close with the mystical Piano Final.

This really is an incredible gift Gabriel has made for us.  We hope you find it as special as we do.

Track list

Part 1:
1. The Timewriter -Diary Of A Lonely Sailor – Original Mix –
2. Babak Shayan – What I Really Need – Original Mix
3. Patrick Balzat – Stop the Fake- Original Mix ( Edit gs xx )
4. Lovebirds Feat Stee Downes – Want You in My Sol (Edit gs Beats )
5. Beats
6. Unknown
7. Balcazar – La suma de dos ( Balcazar & Sordo ) mix
9. Duff Disco – How We Do – Original Mix

Part 2:
1. Peter Horrevorts
2. Dosem – Look What You Did – Original Mix –
3. Sendo – Early Reflections – Original Mix –
4. King Creosote & Jon Hopkins – Running On Fumes
5. James Blake – Limit your love
6. Peter Horrevorts, Niburu – Does It Float? – Original Mix –
7. Unknown
8. Unknown
9. Sendo – 146 – Album Mix –
10. Craig Armstrong – This Love
11. Jon Hopkins – Spores
12. Creig Armstrong – Piano Final





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  1. Lisa says:

    Gabriel always amazes me, he is always trying new sounds and he makes it work every time. I wouldnt label Gabriel a ‘progressive’ DJ, based on this set alone you can see he is just a DJ that plays amazing music regardless of genre.

  2. Kakaroto says:

    Agreed. It is not useful to label markedly DJs these days especially with the amount of music that they get to play-different genres and melodies in one set- so it wouldn’t make justice to put them into a single box and call them X or Y. I believe barney is referring to Gabriel as a proggy DJ in eulogizing terms instead of derogatory ones as Gabriel’s essence undoubtedly is Progressive and you can tell that not only from him, but from the way Proggy boys and girls act, think, etc. More than a fad or simplistic fashion, progressive is a lifestyle that not too many come to closely comprehend. More than many are willing to desire it but only a handful are able to transpire it.

  3. gabriel sordo says:

    thankxxx guys much love


  4. barney says:

    Lisa!! My description of progressive comes from an interview with you did with Naveen when he quoted Lee Burridge saying “I don’t play a progressive genre, I play all music progressively.” There’s really nothing on this site, at least in the last three years, that would be classified progressive; i.e. Lexicon Avenue, Chris Fortier, etc… But everything on here is spun progressively, whether its house, ambient and tech… like you’ll hear in this set.

  5. James says:

    Amazing Mix but what happened at 41:30 Hmmmm not sure that fits in. But everything else the BOMB!!

  6. James says:

    sorry I meant 42:30 sorry to criticize but just wanted to give my opinion, youre still tha bomb.

  7. Ryan Lilley says:

    This mix is simply fantastic. Been listening to this a lot lately..definitely gets me moving!