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The Rogue Show Podcast 008

| April 1, 2011

The Rogue Show Podcast - Episode 008 - Luke Fair & Add2Basket

Find the entire series at therogueshow.com.

Miami, there’s no other place we would have rather have been. Unfortunately three of the four of us didn’t go and were left to live vicariously through the texts, tweets and facebook posts of those living it up at Miami Music Week.

We knew the best live music on the planet was spun on South Beach, but we wanted to provide a little something to those who were still at home counting on a cool download to get them through the i-cannot-believe-i-am-not-in-miami blues.

So to all who were in the same leaky boat as us, The Rogue Show Podcast came to the rescue! Here’s another couple mixes of the funkiest, grooviest, most forget-about-miami-its-okay tunes you’ll hear anywhere.

And if you were down south anywhere close to our roguish designer Jason Warth, we’re sure you loved hearing them there too.

Select Add2Basket.

Select Luke Fair.

It’s game time!

The Rogue Show – Episode 008 – Luke Fair

A little less disco, a few more retro influences and a lot of great melodic stuff makes up my WMC edition. Hope you dig it!

The Rogue Show - Episode 008 - Luke Fair

The Rogue Show – Episode 008 – Add2Basket

Again I tried to extend the mix to as long as possible so it could still fit on a CD. Got badly bored of the thousands of tech house releases coming out every week, so I decided to put together something more for the soul. The coordinates from beginning till the end are: slow motion and deep disco, deep house, house, and some melodies to end again.

The Rogue Show - Episode 008 - Add2Basket



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