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Brazilian Club Tour 2011 || MOB Festival 05

| March 15, 2011

Brazilian Club Tour 2011 || MOB Festival 05

Three months planning and over ten hours flying to find something fresh and funky and we often ended up with much of the same… but always better.

In our continuous quest to be at the right place, at the right time, with the right people – our recipe for a memorable clubbing experience – an abbreviated version of the btb crew packed their medium-size luggage (except for Danilo) and headed south for the warm vibes of the Brazilian dance music scene.

Our crew of six included two gals, four guys, four mainstays and two new recruits, bringing a few different perspectives to the party.  We hit up three distinct environments, a lounge, a boat party (to the extreme) and a good ole club party.  The events were everything: intense, spectacular, cheesy, breathtaking, fun, frustrating and most definitely memorable.

In many ways the Brazil scene mirrors what we have here in North America.  The masses are into commercial electro or dark techno.  Underground house is still pretty niche.  Too their own account, the warm up DJs are usually much fresher and focused than the headliners.

Where the scene differs from ours is in the prominence it has within the everyday culture of Brazilian people.  There are billboards promoting DJs and clubs in cities of all different sizes and you can hear electronic sounds in public places everywhere.  EDM is a real part of all of Brazil, not just in the big cities like it is here.

Check out the pics: part 1 || part 2 and read the full story to check out our vids.

Pedro Bueno || Bar 4 Lounge in Sao Paolo

This was an excellent warm-up for the main event cruise the following day.  Pedro Bueno has given us hours of enjoyment throughout the past year, adding his name to an ever-growing list of South American DJs who play exactly the music we love most.   Pedro looked after us all at the door (thanks again bro) and we made our way up the elevator to the Bar 4 Lounge.

This is where we first encountered the credit system that exists throughout the country’s clubs and bars.  Patrons give their name at the door and are assigned either a card or bracelet with a barcode to tally your consumption for the night.

The procedure speeds up the ordering process and surely eliminates “accounting” errors by the bar staff, but it can be deadly for those who have trouble monitoring their intake; i.e. Casanova’s trying be a playas (just a few of these in Brazil).  The cues to cash out at the end of the night can also be pretty annoying.

I’m not sure how well this system would work in North America. I can’t imagine too many lining up for a bar job without tips. But Brazil isn’t exactly a tipping culture, so it seems to work well for them.

Despite many of the same issues we encounter in the lounges close to home, i.e. crappy sound, watered down booze, a Hollywood crowd and crappy peak time tunes, we really did have a great time.  Pedro was in the booth playing some groovy stuff when we arrived and the club’s décor was super stylish.  We met up with Ricky and the new Juan, and all of Pedro’s crew were incredibly friendly and welcoming.  It was an awesome night to get the tour started.

MOB Festival 05 || Champagne Bar Sessions w/ Ricky Ryan

We kicked off our MOB Festival adventure under the bright lights of the Champagne Bar.  It was the first party of the festival and man was it ever packed.

At first glance, we started to question what we had gotten ourselves into.  It looked like Jersey Shore, all tatted up on steroids and HGH.  But we soon settled in thanks to a few Pina Colloda’s – our cocktail of the trip – and realized even though it was a commercial-looking crowd, they exuded a different type of energy than the cheese balls we’re used to in North America.

The MOB crowd is definitely into looking pretty, and many of them are.  The guys are ripped and the women are voluptuously sexy.  They leave their inhibitions – and clothing – at home, but surprisingly don’t dance much. It’s more like posing with a butt shimmy… it must be the samba influence.

They don’t seem to indulge in the speedy stuff, preferring to keep it euphoric like the days of the rave. And holy shit do they ever drink!  But not in a sloppy way.  Bottle service runs ramped throughout the party, but we never felt surrounded by abnoxoius drunks.

MOBers aren’t exactly our type of partiers, but they’re also not people we run to our kitchen because of.  By the last day of the festival we found a solid group of groovers to vibe with and it all started at this party (see the now famous dancing dude and his crew in almost all of the videos below).

Ricky struggled a bit with the sound in this make-shift clubbing lounge.  There were only a couple speakers / monitors for the entire room and of course there are always technical issues with the first event of any festival.  But once the main deck opened and the floor cleared enough for us to step up and get moving, the sound was cleaner and the festival’s energy began to flow.

This video truly tells it all of the Champagne Bar Session.  We’re in Brazil amongst the beautiful.  People who obviously love what Ricky does as much as we do.  Its vacation time and we’re totally ready for the party we traveled many, many kilometers for.  The MOB Festival has is on!!

After Ricky’s spectacular set to open our festival we headed up to the main deck to check out the sights and sounds of MOB’s premier space.  The pounding heavy metal house wasn’t our thing, but the couple hours up there triggered our anticipation for the amazing times destined to come over the next couple days.  We headed to our cabins to recharge and be ready for Saturday’s insanity.

MOB Festival 05 || Sunset Party
w/ Miguel Migs + Lisa Shaw

We spent Day 2 in Búzios, an absolutely picturesque oasis two hours outside of Rio.  It’s a gorgeous little fishing and surf village that is a must for anyone travelling to Brazil.   We had to cut our visit short to be on the main MOB deck for Miguel Migs and Lisa Shaw live.  Knowing this was a guaranteed three hours of HOUSE music on the boat, it was a set we couldn’t miss.

The music was good, but wow, was this ever a POOL PARTY!!  There were so many thongs and speedos, you can’t even comprehend.  NOBODY (but us) were wearing clothes and the party was so full on.  It was champagne and booty to max.

Miguel’s set was never gripping enough and Lisa Shaw had trouble garnering the attention of the MOB crowd.  Few were completely locked into the groove, as it was more a social event than a dance party. That’s not to say everyone wasn’t having an amazing time, because as you can see in the videos, they absolutely were.  And so did we; this was by far THE BEST three hours of people watching we’ve ever had!!

MOB Festival 05 || White Party
w/ Miss Nine and Gareth Emery

After a meal and a nap we got into our Mr. Clean wear and headed up to the White Party to hear Miss Nine.  We’ve rocked out to her EG mix quite a bit, so we had somewhat high expectations for what she’d do for us on the boat. Unfortunately she wasn’t so great and as you can see and hear, Gareth Emery was too full on for what we’re into. Thankfully we were rescued by Ricky’s crew and their private room.   We listened to his deepest beats while we watching the sun rise in legendary style.  Heaven!!

This is not…

MOB Festival 05 || Sun and Moonlight Party
w/ Ricky Ryan and Dennis Ferrer

After another good morning’s sleep we woke up in time to have lunch and make our way to the main event of our MOB Festival.  Ricky followed by Dennis Ferrer had epic written all over it and that’s exactly what it was.

The deck was filled with house lovers and the few MOBers who really knew how to get down.  It was five hours too incredible for words.  On many occasions I was breathless and still to this day I’m kind of speechless.

Ricky and Dennis were sincerely amazing.  It’s right there among the top clubbing experiences I’ve ever had.  I don’t know if it was because it was that good, or because the trip in all its beauty forced me to drop the jaded exterior to let the party and music be what it’s meant to be… fun.

Whatever it was, I’m incredibly thankful and I want to share some love with Maristella, Marcella and their crew for allowing us to stop wishing our friends from home were with us for at least one night (although we really do wish you were all there for this one).  It was also amazing to finally hang with Ricky, Juan, Greg, Daniel, the Marcos’ or Marcus’ (we still don’t know) and all the other amazing Brazilians who made this festival the absolute best for us.

EXZELLENZ at Moom w/ Felipe Callado & Paul Trelles

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a little empty for not making it to Warung Beach Club while we were in Brazil.  Anthony flew in a few days earlier than us and had the opportunity to hear Audiofly within Warung’s legendary beach front confines.  He says the venue lives up to ALL the hype.

The rest of us arrived in the area one week too late… enough said about that.

We did however have the incredible opportunity to hear Felipe Callado and Paul Trelles lay it down in back to back fashion at Felipe’s newest creation, EXZELLENZ at Moom in Joinville.  In retrospect, to attend a party featuring two passionate DJs fighting the commercial power to keep it fresh and funky for their friends, is much truer to btb form.  So in the end, we were really happy to be there for this special launch.

The night began with a weird and uncomfortable situation at the door where our girls were temporarily refused entry for not wearing high heels – yeah, seriously. But once inside, we had a sensational time getting down to outstanding club bombs from Felipe, Paul,  Warung resident Daniel Kuhnen and warm-up DJ Rodrigo Socha.

EXZELLENZ completely satisfied our thirst for underground beats in a proper club environment and it was touching  to see btb repping on the screens throughout the club.  It’s amazing to know our hosts were as happy for us to be there, as we were to FINALLY be there.  Plan B or not, this party totally rocked… thanks Callado’s and crew!

Much love to Brazil and its people for making this a trip of a lifetime.  It was amazing to see how much respect electronic music receives in your culture.  Of course your true underground faces the same issues we do when trying to introduce something unique to the dance floor.  To be honest, its comforting to know we’re not alone in the struggle.

And who’s kidding who, if everybody loved the music we do, we’d probably not think it was as cool.  I guess that’s how that’s how the underground rolls all over the globe.

A final note of appreciate to Adriana, Isabelle, Anthony, Andrew and Danilo for never providing a dull moment within our travels.  We covered A LOT of ground and overcame every hurdle along the way.  We were an ideal version of the bringthebeats crew and for that I extend a monumental THANK YOU!!



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