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The Rogue Show Podcast 003

| August 16, 2010

The Rogue Show Podcast 003

Find the entire series at therogueshow.com.

The Rogue Show was a creation we always knew had the potential to become legendary, but we couldn’t be truly sure until we had experienced the new partnership in person and on the dance floor. Yes the promo mixes of the first two episodes of The Rogue Show Podcast seem to provide the blueprint for a perfect back-to-back set, but how could we be certain the duo could maintain a flow with direction when going a couple on and a couple off all night? Many try; few succeed.

Well these guys did… The Rogue Show is for real! What an absolutely incredible night of ALL of house music. Luke Fair & Add2Basket delved deep into the full spectrum of the house genre touching upon each and every emotion associated with the style for a proper underground journey. It’s what we crave and why we still throw parties.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped put this phenomenal night together. Thanks to Footwork for going outside the box and taking a chance on a sound and style that’s not the norm in their space. Big appreciation to the The Rogue Show’s design guy, Jason Warth for providing the coolest, most unique media we’ve ever seen in this scene.

Props to the Fabricated dudes, Matt Coleridge & Steve Mack for putting on a warm up clinic, hopefully we’ll be able to share their mix soon too. Thanks to Jason Kew who was the man in the booth ensuring the sound was just right and recorded to perfection. He also put on a killer light show, something that has been sorely lacking in bringthebeats events for some time.

And a final THANK YOU to all of our friends who helped spread the word and supported us on the dance floor. The vibe in the room was incredible and memorable. It really felt like we were a family again with so many faces from the past, present and hopefully future for those who had their first Luke Fair / Add2Basket experience. It’s a night we’ll never forget and that’s because of all of you.

The Rogue Show – Episode 003 – Luke Fair & Add2Basket live in Toronto – Part 1

Part One is all about The Rogue Show’s signature modern funk with some deeper, grittier selections also finding their way in the mix. The guys set the tone early, “Get your dancin’ shoes on, we’re in for a serious marathon!”

The Rogue Show – Episode 003 – Luke Fair & Add2Basket live in Toronto – Part 2

The second hour is where you start to realize how much prep the guys put into this gig. Luke knows first hand what the Footwork floor is there for so as we move into peak time The Rogue Show displays the techier side to their groove”¦ but of course there is no shortage of soul to sink your teeth into.

The Rogue Show – Episode 003 – Luke Fair & Add2Basket live in Toronto – Part 3

What would a rockin’ bringthebeats party be without some funky progressive house setting the room a blaze? This eclectic journey continues into the “hands in the air” portion of the night with driving melodies and the epic moments that cast a spell which lasts until the lights come on.

The Rogue Show – Episode 003 – Luke Fair & Add2Basket live in Toronto – Part 4

The final phase is for the hardcore. It’s for everyone who has followed Luke Fair and Add2Basket from the beginning and knows what’s at the core of what they do. It’s the deep and funky disco stuff that our crew loves so much concluding with our fav track of the summer.




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  1. bonnie (aka lonnie) says:

    Absolutely freaking sTELLAR night!! ThX to everyone who made it all happen. Now — to relive it with an incredible 4 part set, WOOHOOOOOO!

  2. Travis says:

    Ear viagra!

  3. barney says:

    Hahaha it sure is Travis and it most definitely was Bonnie… thanks for the comments guys.

    Here’s the pics folks: http://www.bringthebeats.com/the-rogue-show-at-footwork/