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The LocALe – Brad Copeland

| June 17, 2010

My life is filled with many ups and downs right now. As I get on I find it difficult not to be moody. I’m sure this can be chalked up to many ‘growing up’ variables, but I know for sure the club scene is one of them. I’ve become the industry leper for not digging dark techno and commercial electro. Just the other day I told a friend I thought John Digweed’s Essential Mix was too much for me and his response was; “I wish you liked good music.”

The LocALe - Brad CopelandI’m sorry but I just don’t get it anymore. I’ve been on the dance floor for Marco Corola, but that was 10 years ago and I was super jacked up. Now that I need to use my energy wisely, I hope to do it up with my head on straight. With all my senses intact, the relentlessness, aggressiveness and darkness of that Essential Mix does nothing but put me in a negative space.

I like to think I’ve evolved as a person (I probably think too much) and as a lover of house music first and foremost – a partier a very distant second – I’m hoping to find music that has progressed along with my tastes. In a mainstream sense it bothers me to hear people say they hate Madonna or U2 for updating their sound. These cougars would rather press repeat on the cookie cutter tracks of the Stones than hear Bono blaze a tight melody over an electronic groove.

I see the same in the Toronto club scene. Most of this city’s clubbers are content with the monotony of the Amigos week in and week out; the same tracks at the same pace with the same vibe each and every time. And what really swings my mood in the wrong direction is that great DJs like Brad are left with nowhere to play because Toronto dance floors are impatiently yearning for ‘The Hits’ or ‘Banging Dirty Beats’ and that’s definitely not what he’s in this game for.

Brad knows what it takes to make the fair-weathered dance; notes are not required. We know he could play the game better than the best of them, but what does that do for upfront music in this city? Nothing. So thank God for DJs like him and true underground promotions like Platform and Fabricated for doing what they can to preserve the forward thinking nature of EDM in Toronto.

With this encore bringthebeats mix (we loved his April promo so much we had to ask for more) Brad displays his unwavering commitment to fresh cuts and unpredictable programming. There’s absolutely nothing obvious about this music. Brad shows the majority how cool tech can be, with pace and funk, while maintaining his signature silky smooth transitions and impeccable mixing.

Another A-level offering from one of Canada’s all-time greats; somehow we gotta get this music back in the big clubs.





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  1. bonnie (aka lonnie) says:

    Nice to see Brad back on the electronic groove train. This is some seriously great funky stuff. As always 🙂

  2. j.d. says:

    agreed sir. agreed.

  3. Michelle says:

    OMG >>>> be still my heart!!! scratch that – I am so EXCITED to be d/l my Illuminator – BRAD COPELAND’s latest set – oh man the world needs his MEDICINE – I am glad I am not the only one to think so
    eternally grateful to you for having me FEEL brad’s vibe all the way here on Ibiza – BLISS would be dancing to him here LIVE!
    but you know that already!!
    Abundant love

  4. Roy says:

    Brad has the unique ability to sound like Brad…and tell a story with the music.

    Few DJs have the musical knowledge, technical skill and instinct for the music like he does.

  5. Tolinchi says:

    how can i get the tracklist?
    the first track is amazing, love them all!
    good vibes for brad!