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Fresh Beats w/ BroKen DJs

| June 3, 2010

I can’t say music is my life, but it’s certainly shaped much of it. My styles, my friends and my attitude have always been a reflection of the tunes I’m currently listening to. I was a baggy pant wearing, b-balling hip hopper as a teen, a plaid drunken grunger in university and an angry punk the couple years after.

Fresh Beats w/ BroKen DJsIt wasn’t until I found house music that I finally felt good, acted good and in the most humble sense, looked good. I contribute this to a scene where you’re allowed to be yourself, with nobody telling you how to act, what to wear or who to hang with. You just make peace with who you are and on the dance floor you can be whoever you want to be.

It’s in the club environment where I’ve made my deepest connections with the like-minded. When you’re in a room listening to a DJ you love, there’s a great chance the people around you are from the same kind of crew. So as you can imagine, listening to Luke Fair for so many years has introduced us to some of our coolest and closet friends.

The BroKen DJs, Jon Passey and Jamie Scott, are two such dudes. Some of our highlight memories from Miami’s past are with these guys and it all came together through our mutual love for what Luke Fair does. Extremely modest and incredibly fun, Jon and Jamie have transitioned their overwhelmingly positive energy into a disco deep, funky progressive house sound. Go figure, that’s exactly what we’re looking for.

The duo has found great success DJing in and around their home base in the UK. Their residency for Neustra Casa, one of London’s most revered house nights, has landed them in the booth at some of the city’s most renowned nightclubs including Ministry of Sound and the sorely missed Turnmills. They’ve also secured gigs in Norway and will be playing in Lithuania later this summer.

This Fresh Beats exclusive has been compiled with our warm weather in mind. Knowing we love the poolside vibes 24/7, 365 days a year, Jon and Jamie have provided a mix that is super groovy, expectedly smooth and absolutely guaranteed to put you in a great mood. So without further ado, we introduce to you introduce to you the BroKen DJs and their perfectly suited bringthebeats debut.

Track list

01. Blackfeel Wite – Amnesia
02. Filipsson Ulysses – The Endless
03. Angel Rize – I Dream You
04. Ajello – Early Sept (Bocca Grande remix)
05. Martin Virgin – Trippin To The Stars
06. The C90s – 10-01 (Vocal version)
07. Sendos Fuera – Human League
08. Sweet & Sour – Thinking Of You (Slow-Down remix)
09. Pete Gets Musical – Camouflage
10. Nir Mizrahi – Saved Your Ass (Aaron Static remix)
11. Nicky C – Dezhavu
12. RCMP – The Bird AKA Ignition
13. Lazercat – Nuit Blanche
14. Physics – Let It Out feat. Alexandra Hamnede (Swewa Mix)



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  1. Richie Walton says:

    Awesome mix from the lads will be in the cd player and on the ipod for a lot of months to come, love Filipsson Ulysses-The Endless.

  2. Cosmique says:

    Amazing work. Quickly kicks off into some pumping grooves from the chilled start. Love that.

  3. Ross Michael says:

    Quality grooves from the mighty duo that is Broken DJs….nice 😉

  4. raul henry says:

    Very nice gentlemen!!!

  5. Ali Sardar says:

    Brilliant mix guys! very groovy melodic vibes

  6. Ali Sardar says:

    Sick thanks much guys! looking forward to other mixes from you

  7. BroKen DJs says:

    Thanks to all who downloaded the mix and for those who gave feedback. Really enjoyed putting this one together.

    Ali, check out our myspace for a few more mixes or go to our fan page on facebook.

    Jamie & Jon

  8. Ryan Lilley says:

    Fantastic mix boys! Been listening for weeks!