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Add2Basket – everything you always wanted to know about MUSIC but were afraid to ask – Volumes 3-7

| March 12, 2010

Add2Basket - everything you always wanted to know about MUSIC but were afraid to ask - Volumes 3-7Listening to conventional radio is completely foreign to me. If it weren’t for tabloid media, I’d have no idea who the hot acts in mainstream music are. I definitely couldn’t pick a Kanye West track out of a playlist… though I could probably get lucky by choosing the most annoying one.

The general public’s most common complaint about our music is that it all sounds the same. To me, there’s a reverse phenomenon happening. In my ears, it’s Billboard that simply churns out the same crap over and over again. Whether it’s hip hop or pop, even some rock, it all just sounds the same to me.

When it comes to the top artists in the underground, I’ll admit, some laymen criticism may be just. Because the average person is most likely unfamiliar with the continuous mix, many perceive a compilation to be one long track, and when a DJ is super on, I can hear what they’re saying.

As opposed to popular music, where all the shows are stop and go, EDM has tapped into concepts centuries old; when music wasn’t heard as a sequence of radio edits, but as a single composition. The blends and layers of today’s mixed compilation is essentially the composition of the modern era.

Artists like Add2Basket are composers, manipulating tracks like Mozart made tonal structure more audible…. Okay, I snagged that shit from Wikipedia, but you can get where I’m coming from. Quality house is the classical music of our time, taking you on a journey of the subconscious, enlisting our good friends’ melody and harmony to guide you along the way.

Each volume of the ‘Everything you always wanted to know about MUSIC but were afraid to ask‘ series is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. Add2Basket has compiled seven incredible works, seamlessly mixed and perfectly programmed. Nothing within the sets is meant to stand out. Each track is on a collaborative mission to create a solitary vibe, providing the framework for a listener to come up with the answers to everything they’ve ever wanted to know about MUSIC on their own.  Just like in the good old days of the 17th Century.

You can find parts 1&2 here





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  1. Sal says:

    Well put. You Succinctly and accurately describe the essence of any symphonic/aural interaction; be it classical, jazz or in this case house (and all its derivatives). Now, if we could just get rid of the infantile ‘meatheads’ associated with EDM.:)

  2. barney says:

    That’s why we keep on pushing the quality beats Sal, in the hopes that we can get some of these meatheads to take notice of something other than the party.

    Volume six is now working. Sorry about that folks.

  3. Serge says:

    Hey Sal,coincidentally, I was thinking along the same lines but alas, at this point it would be like trying to contain a tsunami with a bucket of water. One of the things to do then, is to push new boundaries and sounds with the hope that it raises some eyebrows to see if we can change a bit of the hard-headed mentality of some of these folks.

    Bortolossi’s mix totally rocked the casbah!

  4. nicko says:

    Is there a tracklist available for Vol. 7?