Ricky Ryan – bringthebeats @ Lima – December 2009

| December 21, 2009

With every passing year it becomes more clear; there’s only one region in the world we could call home outside Toronto. I’d say 75% of everything we love is in South America. Musically, whether it’s Argentina, Brazil, Columbia or Peru, sexy grooves are keeping the floor on the move.  It’s a movement we can’t stop trying to be a part of.

Ricky RyanMany times we’ve wracked our brains as to how we can get closer to the likes of Ricky Ryan and Felipe Callado. We’re constantly thinking about how to convince Toronto to support these guys so we can justify dishing out the big bucks for their long trip north.

I listen to the music and see the visuals coming from South American parties and it breaks my heart to know North America doesn’t have the same love for the funky  stuff. Damn, the first time we were in Argentina it was for a 3000-person event headlined only by Luke Fair. We’ll develop an ulcer trying to get 5% of those numbers on New Year’s Eve to hear him.

But right now it’s the nature of our scene to bang it out, so us house addicts will simply have to wait it out. We figured the Obama years would bring back the soul. Haven’t we had enough of the Bush-like aggression produced by techno?

I guess not, so if you can’t beat’em, join’em…. kind of. In these bringthebeats exclusives compiled while Ricky’s in Peru, he experiments with the darker side of his library. He’s managed to incorporate what’s hot today with the groovier house sounds of our roots; creating the perfect hybrid of the two.

It’s an absolutely interesting trip to end the year.  One that puts Ricky’s full arsenal of interest on display, and one that makes us believe this tech stuff could be here to stay.





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  1. Lisa says:

    Thanks guys, Merry Christmas!!

  2. Sergio says:

    Words couldn’t have been better written. As far as time and progression can tell, the Obama administration is doing a bit better with respect to public policy, unlike Bush’s ultra aggressive foreign invasive policy. There is a glim of hope with a health care reform that although in its preliminary stage, it promises to bring some much needed change to fellow Americans.

    Now lets get to the meat and potatoes. As a South American immigrant, I’ve not only had to struggle with second language barriers- at times- but also with systemic racism. It’s hard to imagine how in a postmodernistic stage of human existence, we still encounter these types of structural inequalities. More so, when we know that at the root of the problem there are only a few rotten apples that want to damage the whole of the crop.

    To be sure, there are still true Canadians like Gregor. Friendly and barely interested in hypocrisy, he’s not in favour of the “quick buck” common ideology. Rather than trying to maximize profit at the expense of the clubber, he is indeed, concerned with the well being of party goers, acquaintances, and staff by providing a safe and memorable experience.

    That said, and hoping to speak on behalf of both my South and Central American brothers and sisters , we would like to wish you Canadians a merry christmas. Whether is Lucas, Ricky, Felipe, Paul, los tres amigos, or the relatively unknown Pao C, it can be a consensual agreement among us all that Latin America loves Gregor and Adriana.

  3. Ramak J. says:

    Hi, I thank you for all the wicked sets. Wish you a great X-Mas and a Happy New Year.
    Best wishes,

    Thank you again for the great music. Well done.
    Ramak Jafarnejad

  4. Los says:

    Dear sweet Ricky, dude there’s not much to say, your simple f’n awesome holmes set for set def how i start my morn.

    Thx for make’n my mornin

  5. ricky ryan says:

    amen! :)) thank u lots guys! happy new year xooo

  6. Mikki Mejia says:

    Muy buenos Ricky… estan de wewe… bastante grooves… como todo lo que haces… felicitaciones… aaa.. espero la pases super cool en las fiestas y año nuevo… un abrazo hermano desde México… Saludos.. Ciao

  7. Cambalache says:

    fue un tonaaaaso gente!
    bring the beats down to Lima!!!!
    hoping more of our events come to realize 🙂

  8. Etalon says:

    Grande Ricky Part 1 Min. 32:00 one soft piano is coming…
    Please name of this track.