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The LocALe – Corey Dawkins

| September 25, 2009

The LocALe - Corey DawkinsBarney and I like to engage in heated discussions about the local house scene. And I maintain that he hasn’t heard the best of Toronto yet! So, you can imagine my glee when we (finally) got this column to showcase Toronto’s fertile musical stomping ground – because now you’ll all know.

Here’s a bit about my DJ of choice for Real Music mini-vacations. A fixture on the scene since the late ’90s, Corey Dawkins‘ got gigs peppered all over the City, and is one of those rare DJs that has managed to keep the airwaves consistently fresh and relevant. His sets transcend genre and can take dance floors from afro-latin house, to neo-soul, to R&B, and back to house again.

We’re having brunch at Fran’s and Corey says, “A DJ is kinda like a preacher speaking to a multitude of people. A preacher reaches people through words, we do it through music. And my message is all about the feeling – I want to elevate people through music”. I dig it.

Corey Dawkins’ dopetastic DJ stylings are my regular auditory fix, and when I can’t find him at the turntables, I’ve got his monthly deephouse playlists on the ipod to keep me satisfied. Feast your ears on his latest: a non-linear journey to the deep side, a special concoction for bringthebeats.

Download. Play. And tell me what you think.

Track list

1. Info People – Atjazz, Domu (Boddhi Afriki Soul mix)
2. Pads – Deepsouljah
3. Sex N Efx – Anthony Nicolson
4. Woman In Toilet – IT (Stephan Goldman Mix)
5. Spirit – Salvatore Agrosi (Lars Behrenroth Revival Mix)
6. The Answer Stems – Slakah the Beatchild (Tricky Remix)
7. Want You For Myself – Theo London Feat. Peter Hadar
8. Latecala -2000 – I:CUBE
9. Smile & Be – Ricardo Miranda ( Abicah Soul Dancers Mix)
10.Sous L’arbre – Gilliame & Coutu Du Monts
11.Message for the Dj – Jimpster (Remix)





Comments (3)

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  1. McDeez says:

    BIG DAWKS NEVER DISAPPOINTS!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s always got my “STACK” (Corey, ya KNOW what I mean!!!) of huge chunes! LOVE YA COREY

  2. mac_soljer says:

    thanks Mo Bliss for another good look into local talent!! keep the sick reviews comin!!

  3. dat guy says:

    sick!!! thanks for sharing, theres more goin on toronto than i knew!