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The LocALe – Craig Anderson

| September 3, 2009

The LocALe - Craig AndersonThough we’re busting our asses to make it in this city, we’ve never truly been on the pulse of the music coming from it. I could hijack this post with excuses as to why we haven’t supported talent from Toronto more, but none of them have anything to do with music. So, I’ll stay on point and focus on what this should really be all about.

Miss Mo’Bliss has called me out for not being into the wicked sounds of our home town, and you know, she’s right. I’m so wrapped up in music from all over the world, I don’t often pay enough attention to our cool underground locals.  With Sam’s inspiration, aka scolding, I’ve finally been motivated to get this series started by searching out choons from one of the coolest guys we’ve ever met in the T.O. scene.

Craig Anderson is straight up a dope dude. Super genuine, musically tuned in, and I’ve come to realize, an awesome DJ too. From all-vinyl trips down memory lane, to the funky progressive house he knows I’m a sucker for, Craig’s live studio mixes have kept me groovin’ at my desk all summer long. This exclusive promo is loaded with tunes of today – deep, bumpy and funky – enjoy the sounds of our Tdot!





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  1. j.d. - re.form [avw] says:

    noice brutha.

  2. Lisa says:

    I’ve been away from Toronto for 2 years now and no matter how long I stay away I will always know my passion for this music came from bringthebeats and Toronto, the place were my musical tastes matured and my dance skill flourished hehe. Despite the contstant promoter politics and the people who just wont stop listening to djs I would have liked maybe 10 years ago there are people in the city trying to make a difference, and we owe a lot of that to you G! Toronto locals do need to be heard because there is so much talent in the city so thanks for this 🙂

  3. barney says:

    Nice one Lisa, thanks. So wish we could be with you and Atif as well. One day.

    BTW… photo credit to Adri from her bro’s condo balcony. Amazing eh?

  4. Scott says:

    Aye aye…I met Craig at the RR&R BBQ back at WMC of ’05 and thought he was fierce! and yes indeed he is “a straight up a dope dude”. Craig introduced me to Luke Fair that day back in March 05 and that made my WMC. I also have come to realize he a sweet DJ too. I’ve kept in touch with Craig thru that procrastinators dream we all call Facebook. He has sent me some mixes over the last few months that have kept my head boppin and my body a-chuggin at my desk whilst pretending to look busy…good work fella…recognition well deserved…

  5. Scott says:

    …oh yeh and look out mate I intend to come over from Aus to MIA for WMC’11…then hopefully a week chillin in that Toronto…it’s been a while eh?

  6. Samiha says:

    niiiiiiiicely done!!!!!

    thanku for giving us a flavour of what our vibrant city has to offer – yes, we’ve got some crazy talent in the 416!!

    >> You started with one of the best in the locALe, let’s keep churning the cream to see who else is out there 😉

  7. Craig says:

    Thank you Gregor for posting and for the kind words as well! Much appreciated. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed…whether old or new mixes!

    I’ve had a blast over the past while hangin, chatting, drinking, partying with you and the crew…and hope there to be a few more!

    Scott…thanks matey! I’ll try to keep plugging them out and sending to you. Glad you’re enjoying them!
    (and it was WMC ’06)

    Thanks guys!