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Ricky Ryan exclusive EXPOSED series

| July 12, 2008

Ricky Ryan exclusive EXPOSED series


Straight up, I wouldn’t be in this scene as deep as I am, or maybe even at all anymore, if it weren’t for Ricky Ryan. I could go on forever about how cool I think this guy is, but really his music tells the story way better than I ever could.

But of course I still have a story to tell.

Last October we brought Ricky to EXPOSED to help us celebrate bringthebeats’ fifth anniversary. It was a night we all will never forget. Not because we finally had the opportunity to hear our favorite international DJ live, in a proper club, for the first time. It was for the absolutely magical vibe that saturated The Mod Club the entire night.

The feeling you have when hearing a DJ with extraordinary skill and instinct move a room, is the feeling that has most of us thirty-something clubbers still living the night life after many, many enduring years. But when it’s your friend up there orchestrating the sensation… well that takes it to an entirely different level. It’s like the first time all over again.

Moving a step beyond is when the DJ shares the same frequency and I truly believe Ricky was there that night. At least the seven mixes below tell me so.

Ricky put together the first three promos when we were planning for EXPOSED visit number two, having an extremely difficult time not talking about how freaking incredible visit number one was.

Unfortunately, part of the conversations always included how it really wasn’t like it was in the “good old days,” even though from time to time an event could still live up to expectations (like Ricky’s EXPOSED appearance certainly did). But the parties “back in the day” were always about more than just extacy, they were ecstasy. And the music was always the driving force, but nowadays, it’s often the reason for a party’s decay.

In our glory days, it really was “all about the music,” cliche or not. The layers within the tracks and the layers of tracks; the depth and emotion… for us there was no other time like the new millennium, when in our opinion, the scene truly came into its own.

This time in both of our lives (way before Ricky and I had even met), is where the concept for these seven mixes was born out of. Ricky has always been a master of the mash-up, using classic tracks from this era as way more than just a cheap pop to get the floor nostalgic. With virtual perfection he takes the sounds of our memories and creates fresh vibes with new school grooves.

The January mixes are this with a housey tint and the June sets are the same but on a more progressive tip (broken down into genre for no other reason than the available music of the day led him this way). The concept of accentuating the sets with a classic influence is done in such a subtle fashion you really have no idea that the music is from varied times.

And this is where my inept skill to trainspot comes in handy because I have absolutely no desire to even try to pick out these “memory” tracks. Its best you just listen to how perfectly blended they are in the mix. I guarantee most of you will have absolutely no clue to what is old and what is new.

We all find inspiration in our own way and music like this motivates me like you wouldn’t believe. And hopefully Ricky will continue to be inspired as well; motivated by the fact that he makes many people like me incredibly satisfied and always entertained by the coolest music anyone finds, edits and mixes anywhere in the world today.

Part 1 – January 2008

Part 2 – January 2008

Part 3 – January 2008

Part 4 – June 2008

Part 5 – June 2008

Thanks to the unfriendly people at Arista, this set has been pulled from our SoundCloud archive because of the use of ‘Sasha, Cloud Cuckoo.’ Get a hold of us through our contact form and we’ll figure a way to send the set to you.

Part 6 – June 2008

Part 7 – June 2008





Comments (9)

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  1. Kevin Bradbury says:

    These sets are Ricky’s masterpieces. A progressive renaissance.
    It keeps coming, a surprise around the corner on every mix.
    Gracias to Ricky and BTB Kru:-)

  2. Viktor says:

    It’s absolutely true!
    I can only admit every word. Ricky has wonderful skills and you can feel how passionate he is if you listen to these mixes. These mixes can not be compared to any other sets from these days. If you ask me, it’s a completely new approach for getting things together creating a massive and rich flow, which not only moves you like hell, but entertains and cheers your mind like no other dj nowadays!

    Big up for Ricky, keep up the good work, and see you in Europe 🙂

  3. admin says:

    No I think it was the fact that you said h3ll that put it into moderation. Sh!t put the other one there too.

    Thanks for the comments guys. These sets definitely deserve some feedback.

  4. Julie L says:

    I’m kicking myself for taking so long to download these, but then again listening to his opus back to back for 7+ hrs was pure pleasure and made me fully see Ricky’s sheer genius and amazing talent. Thanks to Ricky and BTB for the ride! I feel compelled to spread the word… mind if I share these, G?

  5. barney says:

    fire away, please. the more on the ricky train the better.

  6. Reandero says:

    Excelente!! felicitaciones, sos un groso!!! seguis asi man…. CONGRATSSS

  7. Paulo Sossa says:

    Ricky Ryan it’s among my biggest influences… It’s style and skills are second to none, easily compared to a Hernan Cattaneo or Sasha at it’s beginnings. Deep progressive at it’s best. He is able to change the mood of an entire club by the first 20minutes of a show.

    Him as a human being it’s simply refreshing.

    PART 5 it’s outstanding
    Mix it’s flawless. Absolute control. Practice DOES make master.

    Watch out for we haven’t seen the best of Ricky…. for a club promoter / owner, Ricky as a guest it’s an investment in the future… as having hosted him for a show send as a message of industry ‘know-how’ and TASTE for music…

    Paulo Sossa

  8. Marco Macado says:

    Ok, To barney.
    i have been an American radio DJ since i was 16 for clear channel. when i recently moved colleges my new roommate told me maybe i should get into the club thing. sad to say i wasnt into it until l went to Monterrey Mexico and heard the part 6 of this mix live in the Mexican mountains! Can Costa does more than make a show he inspires new DJ’s to PRODUCE and not just spin

  9. juje says:

    Grande Ricky, simpre alegrandonos con tu buena muzica. Traigan los beats!!