John Do, Luke Fair and Ricky Ryan on Basic Frequencies

Basic Frequencies on Proton RadioWow, what an incredible Basic Frequencies Show on Proton Radio. We couldn’t have asked for more – all three bringthebeats bookings from 2006 going full tilt over the internet airwaves on a Friday afternoon.

As always, Basic host John Do started things off sexy and smooth, moving from deep to driving while maintaining a steady House groove. What a pro, we love his music more and more with each mix.

Download (left-click and unzip):
John Do – Basic Frequencies on Proton – Feb 16, 2007

Luke has recently submitted his two-disc Balance 11 compilation, spun live in-studio at, released a two-part masterpiece live from Lithuania and still he manages to compile a completely fresh hour for John and Justin’s show. It’s unbelievable the amount of music this guy has and even more unreal how he continually pieces together flawless sets. We know we’ve said it a million times before – and yes we’re completely bias – but Luke Fair is the absolute best.

And finally… the blaze. Ricky Ryan is most definitely the rising star of this funky-house genre. This live set from Brazil is a monster! It was the perfect progression from John and Luke’s segments and finished off the show with incredible tempo and energy.

Never have I had so much fun doing the production schedule at work. Thanks guys.

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  1. littlemissbluedress says:

    wow what a line up, such a great way to spend my day off, chilling and listening to the best kinda music there is! John was very smooth and sexy as G said, its the best way to desribe it. Then Luke did what he does best. I love hearing the tracks he puts together, its always an amazing compilation with a style that Luke has definatley mastered. I can’t wait to hear his Balance, I think it may just give me a permasmile! Ricky is also so great, his energetic vibe always gets my head bobbing. These sets will definatley be coming in the car with me, they get better each time you hear them!

  2. Maxi says:

    Luke’s set is totally off the hook, amazing music!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can’t wait to see him @ Pacha Buenos Aires!!! 10.03.07 =0)